Does Capitalism have any business in a New World Order?

There is 100,000 generations of developmental experience imprinted in our DNA. The left brain is primarily concerned with analytical interpretation and technical application. Intuitive inspiration comes from the right brain. Our school system largely concentrates only on the analytical half of our potential genius. End result. not much orginality.
The homeschool curriculum we developed for our kids evoked a holistic response with very litte effort expended. The cost effectiveness extends beyond education. It produces self-policed citizens. ie. less policing, less bureaucratic over-sght. We are talking trillions in savings here, not to mention solving Africa’s educational needs should the “Heartstart” method catch on.

Communism has never existed bourgeois Leninism made sure of that.

Hello F(r)iends,

Capitalism has never existed.
Socialists Liberals made sure of that.


im just curious.

what sort of research if any did you do before you decided to educate them using this method? like did you know how well this sort of system would work?

also what sort of ethics did you teach? an objective heres the way everyone thinks or one that you selected for them?

We modeled the HreartStart curriculum on each sequential stage of the evolution of human consciousness. For the first seven years we concentrated on the Stone Age ethic of meticulous sharing and then progressed to the Bronze Age agricultural focus on a chore-based work ethic and community commitment. Both sides of the brain received equal attention, via the encouragement of art, music, meditation, ESP drills and analytical evaluations via workshop craftsmanship. These primitive stages of social development are the foundational stones of human intelligence and moral conduct.

Having reminded (evoked) each child psyche of these genetically imprinted values, they took up (after puiberty) text-book learning of their own accord and mastered the whole of elementary education, up to the eight grade inside three months, with very little help from their parents. Their ease of mastering academics proves that genetically imprinted behavior can be accessed and billions in dollars and time need not be wasted in the current school system. They also end up with excellent family values. Admittedly we have only a small group to base this claim on but our success rate is 100%

you sir are my new hero.

its simply amazing. its new inspiration for wanting to create a better education system.