does infinity equal 1?

I know this is more of a math question. I cannot find the answer anywhere else…

No. 1 can be devided in half an infinate amount of time.

Infinity is infinate.

I think there is a similarity between infinity = infinity and 1 = 1 that is fundamentally 1.

Infinity is not a number. Lets say that since today was 30 degrees and yesterday it was 15 degrees, does that mean it’s “twice” as hot today as it was yesterday? Of course not. It was twice as many “digits” for lack of a better word, but it was not twice as hot.

The number 1 ends. Infinity does not.

True. All math can do is represent. yes, ‘digits’… the representation, thought, does not end. We learn that math represents nature, does it end there or is there yet more reality that can be represneted by the endless ‘mathematical infinity’… for lack of better words, '‘digits’ would suffice, and represent.

Exactamundo. :smiley:

.9 recurring sure does equal 1 though.