does information ‘exist’!

Organisms can exist in a linquistic way with other organisms. You can find pattern and sequences all throughout.
Information is what is being paid attentioned to. Noise is the ignored. When suddenly noise begins to be heard as information and walah!

An organism only exists to another organism when it becomes information to the latter organism, in other words, when it is experienced mentally by the other organism.

Mentally, chemically, dynamically, electrically, symbioticly= information.

Incorrect, it only becomes information when it is processed by the mind.


An entity can exist without a seperate entity knowing it.

In fact, single-celled entities exist and they themselves probably don’t know it!

Well that brings us to the question can anything exist that is not in a linquistic relationship with something else. The answer is no.
Whenever you have an organism that is in a relationship with another organism you have a linquistic domain. What that is is information. If not information then what noise?

i don’t know if that is a linguistic domain, the language of nature is surely chemical and electro-magentic, so it is simply physical objects interacting. as we move up the evolutionary scale then increasingly complex creatures gain subjectivity of mind, then there is linguistic info. i still wonder though, if even that is internalised mechanisms.

where i would be more concerned with finding info is in universal laws and principles? surely there is info there ~ maybe only info! at the most subtle level existence is just sets of relationships ergo sets of information relays!

if then we build from the base up, we begin with info, this acts upon energy which then forms objects [quanta].

What he said. Only, he said it better than I would have.

Physicists call the radioactive matter that is emitted from super massive black hole’s “information”. It is our only bid for immortality.

It is information, we know it is there so it has become information to us.

Prior to the physicists discovering it, it was there, but was not information.

Information is the perception of matter and energy; and just as matter and energy have an equivalence relation, so too do each of them with information.

Information is Divinity.

Everything is information.

Exactly, and perception is a matter of the mind, hence, for something to become information it must be recognized by the mind.

I agree.
To evolve is to inform. Survival for any life is impossible without information. Wind is information blowing on a chime.

No, the fact that the chime rings alerts us to the fact that it is windy, it is at that point (after the logical deduction is made) that the existence of the wind becomes information.

can those who think everything is info please elaborate?

i don’t know, wind on a chime is information ~ in what way exactly?

i don’t know about the black hole stuff, i need more erm info on that one.

apart from at the very subtlest of levels, i don’t think there is information except in our minds. even there much of it is mechanistic, what we think is not exactly info, thoughts are physical.

so perhaps we only think we are thinking information! :astonished: :smiley:

as for the quantum - if you will, what i usually call info there can be explained as relationships e.g. like the polarities between forces in an atom. potentiality would only be in terms of what relationships are possible in the future.

so unless we can find something out there that literally is a law [i.e. not our descriptions], then info does not exist at all? sounds crazy in our modern world of info eh. btw, this is not information, each letter is an object which the mind correlates to another object, so it too is a physical relationship.

I disagree. The chime ringing is proof that the wind is information. The wind informs the chime but the chimes response to the wind is structure determined. Same for any structure determined system the medium informs the system.

If you replace the chime with a concrete block, would the wind cease to be information because it has no affect on the block?

The wind could eventually inform a mountain to dust if given enough time.

Everything being information rests on two assumptions: that being is perception, and that at any given moment, everything exists in virtue of it being observed by some awareness at that moment - or to put it another way, everything that is is because it is perceived by some awareness.

The nature of both simple and complex thought, all ideas, beliefs, and convictions are, at bottom, an awareness of information - and here in this infinitely complex world of continuums and quantum information, we absolutely cannot think in terms of absolute values.

Being is greater than knowing.
Noise is the ignored, the unknown, the irrelevant and unvalued, as noise builds up it begins to be heard as information and an organitional unity is formed. Whenever you have a unity be it simple or composite you have a relationship of parts and how their put together (their structure). In dynamic systems such as living systems the structure is continually changing. You are changing your structure right now whether you are aware of it or not. As long as you can change your structure without losing your organization you are alive. To be alive is to be a part of a commity informing itself and its medium through a history of coupling with it.