Does irony represent truth that is true and false?

We give up freedom to be free (laws, police)
Sometimes we love and hate a person
Some want to smoke but also not to smoke

Is there any formal system of logic that allows something to be true and also false?

Has this been explored by philosophers of logic or epistimology (sp?)?

I imagine it has been explored by someone, as your query deals with the fundamental duality of every issue. I have no one I can call to mind immediately that has this as a primary focus of thier musings, I’m sure there’s someone. Maybe you could start a new school of thought. Nobody does that anymore. It’s sad.

Interesting thought. I’m also not sure who has explored this. I believe that there is no clearly defined truth or falsity, simply irony.

I agree. No such thing as clear truth, but perhaps not irony. I happen to believe that every one of us exists in an individual bubble, so to speak. I live in a different universe than you do. Each of our universes are defined by our core beliefs. The only reason that other people exist to me is that I believe that they are there. This is not to say that you would stop existing if I were to not believe in you, it’s just that you wouldn’t exist to me anymore. I hope you get it. My typing fingers are sore. I’m going to go believe myself a Sweedish Massage.