Does love exist?

I’ve been struggling with this question for quite some time now. Hopefully, the folks at ILP can help me out.

How can I be sure that love exists? Very few, if any, species show signs of loving one another. So how is it that humans are the one and only species here on earth to feel love? My theory is that love is nothing but a man made concept that doesn’t actually exist. But because humans have “loved” one another for thousands of years it’s almost as if we, as a species, have tricked ourselves into thinking that love exists.

So my challenge is this: can anybody prove to me that love does exist?

I already did a thread on this.

A long period of neurogenesis or brain development can lead to a longer period for the organism once out of the womb to develope its larger brain, these longer periods of babiness requires parental investment to evolve, (parents that love each other have a better chance of protecting their tigerfood (baby) from dying if they stay together.

romantic love is an evolutionary adaptation/chemical reaction that happens in the brain, other then that, for love to exist only needs one person to feel it/announce it.

I don’t doubt that many humans ‘love’ each other, as ‘love’ is a word we gave to the emotion to describe it, right?

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What kind of proof are you looking for?

If you define love as your strongest feeling, it exists.

“God is Love”

Does this clarify things? :sunglasses:

Do you know what the good is?

Can you recognize it in others?

Then there you have it, love exists. If you can do this in a relationship with another person of the opposite sex as one, then you have a different type of love.

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Ha, interesting. One and only post is a copy from another thread. I am rather confused by this.

Yes, love exists.

It’s not some magical force floating about or something. It is simply the recognition and appreciation of values in another person.