Does LSD really "fry" your brain?

I mean, I know it doesn’t put your brain into a skillet and all, but I mean, what do people mean when they say that?

Like, “LSD fries your brain”. <----(that)

What do they mean?

Have a look here and learn :wink:

Had fun with the mice.

If I remember correctly, LSD, unlike most recreational drugs, reverses the usual law of diminishing returns. The more LSD you take, the less you need to to produce its effects of halluceanations and over-connectivity. Hence the flash-backs that you don’t get with any other drug.

I forget the mechanism.

But anyway, take enough, over a long enough period and your brain does get a little screwy. And focussed action becomes hard.

From the few times I took it, I think it blows the doors off whatever bit of the brain it is that tries to make connections between sets of stimuli. Trying to find a connection between a ‘banana’ and ‘genocide’ straight is hard, on good acid, easy-peasey. It’s also ??synthesthetic?? a sense-combiner, you’ll see sound, smell imagery etc.

Over a long enough period, the brain will learn how to do these things all by itself. Resulting in a permanent LSD trip.

LSD doesnt fry your brain; it just expands your consciousness by allowing the mind to become supersensitive to stimuli and perceptions. it works on normal chemical channels in the brain, just changing their functioning in non-normal ways. however, it is correct that repeated use, such as with any drug, will cause permanent changes/damage.

check out DMT, its far more potent than LSD, and is actually manufactured in the brain itself…

Or lick toads… :-&