Does one need education in order to be an intellect?

These days, I think that the schools are intended to damage the intelligence of people. I have a fundamental question: does one need education in order to be an intellect?

No, but it sure helps.

And there is also a difference between self-education, informal education and formal education.

Formal education = you go to into a system of schools to learn

Informal education = you go to a ‘master’ who helps you and guides you

Self-education = you do it on your own using books, personal observations, ad-hoc experiments

Realistically, one has to use all three forms of education.

One can be educated and non intellectual or non educated and intellectual and so one does
not need education to be an intellectual although most intellectuals are probably educated

You are right.

Two points are important here:

(1) Schools as an institution of a state do what the government wants them to do.
(2) If the economic and - in particular (!) - the demographic situation is like the one we have in our western countries, then the average intelligence decreases and even a teacher who does not go along with the mainstream has to damage the intelligence, otherwise the colleagues will punish this teacher by mobbing and firing.

I would like to answer the question whether one needs education.

This answer depends on whether one means (A) the education as such or (B) the school education which is basically a state education.

(A) If the education as such is meant, then: yes, one needs education.
(B) If the school education which is basically a state education is meant, then: yes (Ba) and no (Bb). (Ba) Yes because of those who are genetically less intelligent and can use the school education as a chance to become more intelligent.
(Bb) No because of a situation like the described one (=> 2).

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Yes, one needs an education to be intellectual, but not a computer programmed education where the computer does one’s thinking for them, especially in school systems.

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