Does Religion matter?

What is Religion? Does it matter?

First, I would say that almost all people, if not all,
are concerned about Religion. Religion I would say
is the innermost thing of human beings. Things like
death, life, heaven, hell, God, Devil, Jesus, Satan…etc.

So, does it matter? First, let’s ask, what are the things
that matter? The answer is, things that are related to you,
or things that would change you. So, obviously, these things
I mentioned above matter.

But again, here is the thing: Does it really matter? Why not
just live yoru life easily and not think about these things?
Why not just make moeny and live a happy life? Why think
about these things? We will never have an answer anyway!..?

The thing is, you have to consider the reality. Life is not easy.
And every person faces death constantly in life. So Religion matters.

In very religious countries/sects …etc, you’ll see very little criminallity, because the members usually has a fanatic high moral, also because the members are more likely to judge eachother than atheists.
So, yes the moral codex are in average better enforced than in atheist/low religious areas.

Surely only people who think that making money is enough to make people happy would choose the path in life you just described? Everybody seeks happiness. There are a variety of approaches to that essential problem in life. That’s why we have religion, and that’s why we have anti-religion.

Yeah, religion is sort of the expression of the mattering of life.

but everyone need to give more importance for the society or individuals than the religion…because first he is a human, after that can place his or her religion…:slight_smile:

Religion seems to matter in the same way that sports matter. It’s only important to the people who find it to be important. And it takes a specific type of person to be concerned with the matters that surround it. Some people stress out when it’s 3rd down and 11 with 27 seconds left to go in the 4th quarter. Other people wonder why football is on rather than their regularly scheduled programming and just change the channel.

So the answer is yes, religion matters. And no, it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

Much like life.

I am with Jakob here. To put it your terms, no-body – the symptoms you describe would be resulting of a religious identification with a sports-team.

When someone creates a pyramid of meaning, with on top of it a specific symbolization, he is identifying religiously. We all do it to an extent, most of us anyway, only the perfect stoic doesn’t. Collective religion is simply bigger business, has its special attractions no one could create for himself (except the founder of a collective religion).

I disagree with the terminology. I think the word ‘religious’ is being used here to disguise a mental deficiency that our species has. Religious has a much better sound to it than delusional or insane.

As in should it affect your daily life, of course not. Religion is a set of rules that one chooses not to believe, but acknowledge.Now, something greater requires a belief in something unknown, to often are people confused by what true religion is,it is not a set of responsibilities but a sense of life to live forever as yourself while becoming nothing.