Does truth exist absolutely?



I’m just stumped on the idea that even if this idea was somehow workable, how would it be proposed to mankind? And would it even be beneficial? If not why the hell would we want to degrade anything about truth if truth seems to be working just fine. Maybe I just don’t understand it, very possible. But it seems like we might as well be talking about a one ended stick.

One of my favorite quotes “when someone tells you truth does not exist, they’re asking you not to believe them, so don’t.” Even though that may seem somewhat grade school, how else you do find to get around it? To even move on with the idea that truth doesn’t exist absolutely is to try and give some sort of truth. If that truth doesn’t exist absolutely than why be so sure?

Hey abyss.
I just think we are defining the word differently.
You haven’t really defined it though, you just said truth has trueness.

What if we replaced the word ‘true’ and ‘truth’ with ‘accurate’ and ‘accuracy’.
An accurate statement is one which corresponds with reality.
Do you think reality is accurate? That existence is accurate?

I think by truth, you mean actuality. Truth, to me, means correspondance with actuality

Its all just a matter of definitions.

I said elsewhere that I was talking about thoughts and perceptions in general, not just statements. I mean any subjective experience, which may correspond or differ from reality.

If you think anything which actually exists is truth, then that would mean all our thoughts are true, since they actually exist.

Also, to be able to conceive of something as being true, we need to be able to conceive of that something possibly being false.
That is the theory of falsifiability.
Would it make sense to call a tree false?
What makes a tree distinguishable as true or false?

cutting the tree down and the consequences of doing so