Does weed make you more wise and intuative?

yes me thinks

Now i dont claim to be wise- not outloud at least- and i am often wrong about alot of things…however i am wise enough to recognise a huge amount of ignorence in your average person…And to put the word" ignorence" into context i mean general curiosity of spirit and a need for answers. Hmm… Anyway most weed smokers ive met have been extreamly insightful in one way or another- although i aknowledge the fact that there are a FEW exeptions- WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

Doesn’t weed kill brain cells?

Also, isn’t possible if one appears wise and insightful, it is due to time spent reflecting on life (whether one is high at the moment and therefore is probably not concerned with what bills need to be paid/what the kids are screaming about/ the funny stain the dog left on the carpet/etc,) as opposed to a direct effect of weed itself?

In otherwords, if there is an increase in the appearance of wisdom, could itnot be the result of calm speculative contemplation of life or a certain aspect, and not a result of pot smoking itself?

The answer is… Drum roll here … NO! Weed does not in fact make you smarter. It if anything makes you dumber and less motivated (at least for me, and I suspect anyone who says different is fooling their self). On the brighter side it does make you question reality and authority more often, and look at things in different ways. It does have positive effects, but personally, I think that the negative effects cancel those out. It’s easier to be creative and independent without weed then it is to be smart and motivated with it. You need all of those things, so to keep a good balance, personally I wouldn’t smoke weed, or if you do, do it on a very rare basis. One of the problems with the drug is it’s rediculous half-life that can last up to two months. After a while you start to not even notice you’re high anymore, and it just continues dimming your brain. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the dimming effect, just try doing complex calculus equations while high, and see how much easier (sarcasm) it is.

Weed ‘helped’ me to expand my mind. Drugs in general makes you perceive the world differently. But being normal makes your life easier as being different.

There are a few topics running about this interest;
But as an answer to your question, I don’t think wise and doing weed or any other drugs don’t go well togheter. Making you more intuitive? I think impulsive is a better word. A clear mind is better as an illuded mind. But hey, I like to see things different also :slight_smile: .

In fact, the brain is hard wired to accept and process canabanoids.

Even if it did, you shouldn’t do drugs because you cannot hit the mean of drugs. Weed is not a good in itself, so you would only be using you body as a thing and become overcome by your desires, while in the end leaving yourself as a slave. I try to make my soul and body as freely driven as possible.

SOMETIMES WE have to sacrifice the odd braincell. Being hit on the head by a ball might kill 1000 braincells and cure (for example) your stutter…was it worth it. Or it might cure a loss of memory.
However i agree with you on about it being an indirect effect. But i still suspect their is more to it.

In my opinion marijuana brings out the inner child within you. Now Alien mentioned trying to do complex calculus equations and I agree that it would be extermly difficult if not impossible, much as it would be for a child. However it is a substitution. A child has a different way of looking at the world, seeing the world, sensing the world, questioning the world. He cannot solve complex calculus and even algebra seems immpossible to him but he will pose questions and problems of his own to us that for all our calculus we have no awnsers or understanding of.

It fires off new neurons and creates new neuron pathways that have never been experienced and cannot be experienced with out it.

Personally, no.

It did make me FEEL more wise and intuitive but later review showed that the ideas I came up with during those times were no better than ideas I developed while not under the influence. Often times the drug induced ideas had less cohesion and less depth. They FELT important, but weren’t.

I gave it up. Although doing it was an interesting experience. I would recommend for almost everybody to try mind-expanding drugs at least once in their lifetime. The first time is best.

i always chuckle when people say that ‘weed kills brain cells’. often times those are the same people that are funnelling bud lights and playing beiruit day in and day out. anyway, i do think there are SOME times where smoking marijuana can allow you to see something in greater depth than you would if you were stone-cold sober. i’ve always thought that smoking weed has supplemented my “real-life” (aka sober) experiences and has allowed me to meditate more deeply on my experiences, thoughts, etc etc.

at the same time, i do recognize the impulsivity and exaggerated sense of wonder that go along with cannabis use. sometimes things can seem SO TRUE or SO DEEP when they’re really not. gotta be careful of that.

most of the things they say marijuana has actually not been proven yet it mostly came out from a movie called reefer madness and thats where most the gimmick came from marijuana as a matter of fact does keep u thinking of alot of things though u do forget alot of it due to the short term memory but i believe it has to do with the other things ur thinking i believe ur brain is processing alot especially the feeling of paranoia (where paranoia in marijuana does not exist its only the belief of u getting caught if alcohol was illegal u would be paranoid to.) sleepiness where it does make u sleepy but not to everyone some people feel like their brain is to high to sleep and enjoy to experience the different thoughts or different highs they get. yes i do believe marijuana should be legal or at least regulated its much safer than alcohol though they do both have their ups and downs. (alcohol kills bacteria in body, marijuana helps many problems from forming like glaucoma, arthritis, etc.) but to answer ur question i believe its harmless and it is easier to think on it especially in different perspectives but

sorry actually not but

Bloomin’ Nora! This is an old thread isn’t it?

Nonetheless I’ll offer my view since the Fonz has deigned to drag it back up to the top of the forum…

Cannabis doesn’t make you smarter, more imaginative, more original, more funny, taller or better at sex. It doesn’t make you run faster or jump higher. One may be convinced that it does some or all of these things but there’s no proof of this whatsoever. I’ve witnessed literally hundreds of teenagers who took cannabis on a regular basis and most of them were stupid, apathetic, immature, boring, arrogant and lazy. A few of them were not. But those people probably would have not been these things regardless of whether they took cannabis.

What is really sad to watch is some dope fiend (love that phrase, got it from Hunter S Thompson) trying to convince sober people that taking drugs is the way forward as they reel around off balance, slurring their speech, forgetting their point mid-sentence, giggling at everything and eating too much chocolate…

Saying that cannabis makes you smarter is like saying half a bottle of whiskey makes you a better driver. It seems like it at the time…

With certain chemicals present in the brain, certain parts of the brain behave differently. If you designate a certain portion of the brain, that behaves differently when chemicals are present, as the center for mental capacity X, and you observe enhanced activity of X, then you will naturally associate that with the presence of the chemicals.

But this doesn’t mean that people who smoke pot are more wise any more than it means that people who smoke pot are less wise.

I’m smoking some hash right now and I can barely see the screen in front of me. I certainly feel wise, but I don’t blame that on the hash. Knowledge and Truth in its analytical form is indifferent to the changeability of sense impression. A drug can only distort the sensible and it does not affect reason, which is to say, if I hallucinate and see a blue-uniqor, this means that the sensible, or that which I aware of as my experience, appears in a certain way, but regardless of this, the blue-uniqor is reasonable during my experience of it. What makes it reasonable is not the empirical contents of its reality- not its “not really being there or really being there”- but its intentional structure as it is present to the consciousness of it.

With or without being high on drugs, wisdom and knowledge is the same and there is no secret access to the real reality. The contents of experience has nothing to do with the analytical process of rendering it “true.” It might or might not be true …that a blue-uniqor but it is true …that I think a blue-uniqor.

I’d blame it on your neverending arrogance, but you know what I’m like…

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Alright… as future man would say, time to open up for a big slice of truth.

Pot doesn’t make you smarter, or anything, at all.

It makes you -different-

Weed affects everyone an different way (though with smilarities). I’ve seen people who act like I do sober when they’re high and vice versa. It’s not about trying to get smarter or whatever, it’s about experimenting and finding out what aspects of smoking weed can help you, if any.

Personally, I find that weed helps me not to think of amazing deep thoughts, but rather it allows me to recall seemingly random things or make loose metaphoric connections. And this makes biological sense. It is not that you take in less information when you’re stoned, you just take in information a different way. This is why you feel like your short term memory is fried. You can’t remember where you put the remote, but most people don’t realize that while they’re looking for the remote they are also remembering where they lost their lunch in grade 5 and things like that.

Everyone has a specific intelligence towards some aspect of life. The more successful people usually have skills in things like Law, Medicine, (which is really just memory) or perhaps computing/networking (math) or even a pro athlete (visual/spatial). When you smoke weed it is a type of reversion, someone mentioned becoming a kid again, this is actually sort of close to what happens. I imagine it as a liquification of the solidarity of certain mental pathways to create a feeling of 'viewing the world withour your usual predeveloped (mis)conceptions.

For instance when I play b-ball sober I have a general grouping of ‘moves’ that I use at various stages. Moves I’ve practiced and are comfortable with. The only problem with this is that my evolve as a player starts to slow as my mental pathways become specialized and solidified. When i first started playing b-ball i was more open and receptive to learning the game, but now while I can play fairly well at my level, when I deviate outside of things I know how to do well, I usually fuck up.

Now, when I play b-ball high, things are different. Nothing feels overly natural or practiced, but at the same time the lack of mental restraint gives me a feeling of creativity. It’s not an actual creative boost, but rather the emergence of this feeling through the detraction of my usual solid, reliable mental pathways/muscle memory, ext.

This is the nature of weed, it removes barriers, keeps the mind loose and receptive to new ways of thinking. So no, it does not make you ‘smarter’ it takes away from you in order to keep your mind open. This is the reason you may spot the guy picking his nose in the audience of the show you’re watching on tv, instead of simply focusing on the main character without any real choice in the matter.

In the end you have to know yourself, and make the smart decisions. Pot isn’t for everyone, but it’s so mild everyone can try it without fear of any real consequences. If you feel it can help you, then go for it… it’s so multi faceted it’s such a great tool. Keep in mind it’s still smoke, and although cigs are WAY worse for you, it’s still a drug and is not without ANY negative health affects although they’ve yet to find any real multitude of problems with straight pot.

man,when i’m right,i’m right. :sunglasses:

I was thinking the same thing.