Does your olfactory sense pick up smell outside proximity

Or for ILP visitors, do you ever smell things not there.

I just got the smell of balloons, that rubber smell like halloween costumes.

Sometimes I can pick up the scent of the perfume my grade school girlfirend used to wear. I haven’t seen her in years. And I think they discontinued that brand spray.

Memories . . nostalgia . . . in your nose.

Yea , sure, it does happen from time to time. For example: Once in a while I can smell certain foods my mom used to cook, especially when I do not want to cook but I have to. I can have a memory and smell the odor that is a part of that memory. I can smell greasewood and creosote in the air after a rain here sometimes, In Arizona those to trees give off a lovely odor after a summer rain, here in the swamp it is but, a delightful memory as I watch the rain fall and steam rise from the ground. Particularly after a fantastic lightening storm hits here, that particularly brings back Monsoon memories and smells. Ozone is a particular favorite too.

Hallucinations aren’t merely visual.

I get audible hallucinations occasionally.