Donald Trump the Moderate

Do you agree with this?

I was more for Ben Carson. I wish he would choose him or General Patraeus as his VP… just right now I’m very Anti-Hillary.

Only points I agree with Trump is his desire to have the top military and foreign policy council available… in stark contrast to Obama’s winging it style of ignoring his most important advisors. It is why his populism doesn’t scare me, as long as there is a meritocracy to respond to him behind closed doors afterwards explaining the situation more in depth and working for a better compromise, comparing systems… unlike Obama, Trump accepts he is fallible, and when he realizes he was wrong for whatever reason, he goes against his bad decision. Right now, he is flapping in the wind, unsupported, but as president he would have the entire state apparatus function at top performance advising him.

Second reason is… he is more than willing to pull the plug on a non-functioning, Euro-Style alliance. We haven’t had a president since the foundation of NATO willing to do this since the domino theory, based on the concept of critical mass and the balance of international power, was in full effect… and post-cold war alliances were neither broken off, or for the most part strengthened. A lot of NATO’s woes come from the breakdown of the alliance… under Bush in Iraq, we brought in Europe’s birder States… Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Poland, and even Georgia… into the fight. These were EU-NATO and prospective states during joining the larger alliance. Italy and Spain skirted duty, refusing to patrol or leaving their FOBs. Falluja became the shithole it is because of their antics, and Spain fled because of made up socialist bullshit and not taking precautions against terrorism at home. Fast Forward a decade… Europe is screaming slapping up defensive walls, Georgia is isolated, Ukraine is occupied, Germany still stabbing everyone in the back. Next to no one in NATO is paying their treaty obligated dues… Sweden has been eying Joining… which would be awesome… we need better support on that front, but it isn’t awesome that the rest of the alliance is going to hell. The Netherlands had a plane shot down over Ukraine, absolutely nothing happened.

Someone like Trump has considerable credibility in saying he isn’t going to stay in a bullshit alliance anymore. If the US goes walking, Russia goes on a further offensive. Europe doesn’t have the military capacity to meaningfully resist long on its own, much less the political will in it’s deepest rear areas away from Russia. US wastes a absurd amount of money on Europe, while Europe wastes it’s money on wasteful socialism. Trump wouldn’t hesitate to pull that absurdly high defence expenditure away and waste it on out own wasteful socialism. Why subsidize Europe when Europe doesn’t care if it survives or not? Makes absolutely no sense. Some states like Denmark, highly isolated, can confidently call our bluff, but many can’t. In the long run, even the smallest nations will suffer once out intelligence agencies stop paying attention to that part of the world. We won’t warn them of threats, because we won’t hear of them. Simple as that. You will see a increase breakdown between the US and Europe, and we won’t walk back and accept the old style free hand outs anymore for them. They need to be equal partners, or we need to get out. It makes sense to have a few earnest allies that a bunch of parasites backstabbing us at every step of the way… both strategically, and by our financial bottom line.

Another point… limiting Muslims… not just Muslims, but any population associated with terror till we can screen them, and contract them. Obviously we can’t refuse American Muslims reentry. We aren’t aiming this at Albanians, or our own Green Card Muslims, or legitimate work visas… I’m talking about the very legal and rational approach that the US had always done, of restricting our borders to groups and individuals harmful. This changes… both Modi and Nelson Mandela had terrorist backgrounds… both had their individual bans lifted. For groups, say Tamils from Sri Lanka if the Leninists ever go on a suicide bombing spree, it makes a lot of sense to block all Sri Lankan Tamils… heck, if you gotta shut down financial transactions too, whatever it takes to keep us safe, and make sure we aren’t contributing to the violence. It isn’t a forever thing, it is a until we can figure out with good probability your not a terrorist or sleeper agent. It is hard to get you just above minimum wage TSA Agents onboard in how to identify it, and it taxes the FBI-CIA-NSA-DIA to have to monitor our homeland that much more becausevwe aren’t screening. It us completely within the rights of the secretary of state to approve or disapprove entry into the US. I’m not too worried about pacifistic sects of Islam, and I’m worried about militant Hindu and Shiekh and Buddhist extremists too… not to mention Communist and Anarchists… some groups are better screened than others by our intelligence community in terms of eminent threat. This threat can change overnight… with a bombing. 9-11 would of been a great time to block Muslims on flying into the US, especially from certain countries. It isn’t a forever thing, just till the security agencies can say they worked out something resembling a system. How would I feel if the Pennsylvania Dutch went on a suicide bombing spree and everyone who looks like me or had a German name like mine was held up in the airport, or refused entry? I would be offended, upset, ashamed of my people and how they are being viewed… but I would also not want any more of my people to kill and massacre either. It isn’t a forever thing, just till a system is put into place. I would loath every airport visit knowing I would be checked extra carefully by racist security guards, but I would be grateful nobody is going to blow me up either. That is the alternative to not having a solution… you get blindsighted, violence that could of been easily prevented breaks out, nation goes nuts. Remember the aftermath of 9/11… we invaded a few countries, intimidated several others into a alliance with us, going after their own radicals. How are we going to react if bombed again? Less or more angry? Trump’s idea isn’t that bad, that ususual, and not illegal. A suit can be filed in court, a Judge can say nay… but judges lack the power of the secretary of state and can’t force him/her to do squat when it comes to that office’s exclusive powers. We have always slapped quotas on immigration and visitation “unfairly” on a number of nations. I don’t see what is so outrageous about Trump’s suggestion, given the refugees we potentially had and still have to bring in from Obama’s War.

I agree the WTF, and to a lesser extent NAFTA, didn’t quite work out. Yes, several nations became industrialized to a degree… good they can compete… can we now just… renegotiate separate free trade pacts with our most reliable trade partners, and slap tarrifs on our worst manipulators, especially China?

I’m not as scared of NAFTA because a strong Mexico and Caribbean is good for the US, both short run and long run. I don’t have anything against south America, just it hasn’t always been our biggest fan, usually for made up leftist bullshit reasons. Latin America is turning more conservative recently, so this issue may melt away. The average America doesn’t want to be king of Latin America, we just want our South American fruits arriving in the winter. That is imperialism, or free and fair trade for whatever crap they use their dollars on after we purchase their goods afterwards… we can’t dictate what they do with their money. Most South American states have a industrial base now, many outperform us in areas like Steel. They are getting into electronics slowly. So be it. I’m much more concerned with China, or Modi playing games with Merchantilism. Within our generation, Africa will start asserting its economic power too. Certain core industries need protected, like our steel manufacturers, or aspects of our agriculture sector of our economy. Why? In a state of emergency, say a 1929 stock market collapse, or international isolation for whatever reason… we wouldn’t be able to build the Hoover damn, build our highway system, gave a new deal… if we couldn’t import or self fund renewal programs. I love capitalism, but we all have that memory of John Smith at Jamestown… we really can’t afford to lose our own independence here, we loose our security too. If we enter into a major depression… will we need to invade a steel manufacturing nation and force their factories to work for us just to build basic modern structures? Is it different from oil? It is a necessity for a large state today. A essential product, you gotta protect it. It keeps your economy bouyant, and your fears at stock market crashes low… we might all go bancrupt, but as a society we can recover… but can’t unless we have these things to fall back on in that drive to rebuild.

I like Donald has a background in real estate, in getting construction projects done despite the red tape. We really need someone like that, if we are going to do a overhaul of our bridges and build a wall with Mexico… that wall serves a lot of positive purposes. It curbs substantially the drug cartels paramilitary control of neighboring states while reducing drug access in the US, while allowing us to plan finally on how to incorporate the illegal immigrants we want to keep from the felons and sleezebags we don’t want. Workers can become registered, while new illegals will be but a trickle. More and more will get worker visas, while local unemployed workers can demand fair pay for jobs artificially kept low by the current slave labor pricing on the market. A lot of industries would have to clean up their act, many suburban Democrats will have to pay their handymen and workers a decent wage, instead of ripping people off. The effects of the wall are mostly positive.

Beyond this, not impressed with Trump. He isn’t my first pick, or second pick… but I think he is the only sane and rational choice. Hillary is far to violent and radical. Yes, have a strong military… don’t be afraid to use it… but you shouldn’t go around randomly knocking off nations either… or letting nations you already invaded collapse after years of improvements. People call her a centrist, but I can’t find anyone who actually supports her for her actual record. I won’t even touch her national security issues here. Trump has a clear track record… he hasn’t randomly collapsed nations, or betrayed allies like Hillary has. He has a history of engaging Us and foreign legislative and executive powers.

His main faults appear to be he has shitty hair, seems to be covering up a skin issue, and is brash as hell… but we know he can play hardball and best of all, walk away from a bad deal. We haven’t seen this in so long. Reagan was the last.

My major issue is that this is news. Before Trump ran (or, rather, before his run was taken seriously), it was known to all that he was a moderate, probably the most moderate republican on the stage, and the biggest criticism of him was that he was a Democrat not so long ago. Remember all those early speeches and debates where he repeatedly had to insist that he was a conservative? Everybody already knew this. When and why did we stop knowing it?

The whole “He’s radical! He’s far right! He’s an extremist!” angle was drummed up by the media, and now we’ve come full circle- the media questioning it’s own bullshit narrative is apparently newsworthy. Just further evidence that the fourth estate is creating the news now, not reporting it.

You can frame it that way and you’re technically correct, but more interesting is that the media’s take is just improvisational bullshit about Trump, who’s whole persona is improvisational bullshit. That’s the point about Trump being a conservative Republican - he’s not a conservative Republican and never was, but he has a populist shtick and cites all the correct scapegoats to rally large segments of the more right-leaning segments of the electorate, mostly Republicans. But he’s also not a moderate, at least not nowadays. There’s nothing moderate about building a wall along the Mexican border or declaring a trade war with China.

Hillary is just the coldest, most gleefully cruel human Ive lived to see. Already the number of deaths, bad deaths, on her personal resume is uncountable. The US will almost certainly lapse into civil war under her. It may not move to armed conflict with the military yet, but her presidency will choke out real humans last hopes for a political solution.

God damn she is scary. Shell probably get elected too. Exactly the same thing as with Hitler, who was just about as hateful. You just know this is going to get very nasty.

I think Trump is waiting until Hillary chooses her VP so he can select a good counter… and he has been rather quiet in terms of his campaign as of late. I wouldn’t point to this sudden buoyancy of morale in the Clinton camp (at least it was until the Orlando shooting, she just lost more morale authority) as evidence of her winning the white house… she has a mainly uphill battle regarding the issues. These issues are going to be broadcasted loudly, by far more than just Trump. He has until now ran alone, while Hillary has had the Democratic establishment always behind her. He gets to start digging into the Republican propaganda machine, which is nearly as considerable as the Democratic machine… he knows he has to target the rust belt, Hillary already lost some former Democratic strongholds that won’t have anything to do with her (like my area).

He has a very clear and obvious path forward to victory. He gets to start using these tools. What dies Hillary have? Warren? That won’t last. Shock value? She is using up shock at Trump too early. People will get used to it as the new normal, once half of America openly embraces it in their daily speech, and find they aren’t running around doing all the horrible racist things abscribed to them as expected through Democratic rhetoric.

How exactly is the Democratic party going to wage a political battle against the real world? It has been falling apart under Obama, will continue. Orlando isn’t a one off… shit will continue going down hill, economy will remain sluggish. How is she going to pull a rabbit out of this hat? Her charisma? She is hated more than Trump. Many Democrats despise her.

Who are those hillbilly low information rubes scapegoating now?
We all know who is holding up the all the progress in this country, it’s those goat-billys!

They even scapegoat Muslims when a Muslim terrorist kills those who offend his religion.
But we know who is really guilty of the hate which is ultimately responsible, it’s those Amish…eh, I mean those Christian redneck closet homosexuals!

Heres hoping.

Trump would be the best president since WWII.

No. Simply no… I don’t think anyone from either the Democrats or Republican party who bothered to try and run for president can lay claim to that.

There is always the possibility either Hillary or Trump can get into office and astound us, as we will slap their face on My. Rushmore and the $20 bill. I just don’t have those kinds of hopes. Trump’s main strengths are domestic and economic, Hillary’s is fear mongering. Both have impressive deficits as individuals. I’m not expecting the world out of either, I’m trying to be realistic where they can actually take us, and I’m more than prepared to be dissapointed. I can swallow the populist pill if only because the founding fathers knew it was coming and we designed our system to survive it. We didn’t plan sufficiently for a Nero though (how can you?), so I’m worried about Hillary.

You’re more realistic than i supposed about this election. i wonder if Fixed Cross was being ironic and/or sarcastic? The founding fathers didn’t plan for anything like our present situation. But the founding fathers didn’t and couldn’t plan for, i don’t know, 90% of the reality of the present day US and its problems. If Hillary by some miracle beats Trump she will do fine, insofar as she does anything given the obstruction she will face in congress. Trump on the other hand . . . nobody fucking knows. i’ve actually tried to imagine the ways in which Trump might turn out to be a great president, and it would be amazing and wonderful if it happened, but the probability just isn’t there. Not worth the risk. Hillary isn’t likely to be a great president, but she won’t be a fuck up in the tradition of daddy and baby Bush, and more to the point: she ain’t Trump.

I don’t think we gotta worry about congressional obstruction with Hillary. It is her capacity as commander in chief with a monopoly over foreign policy…

Do you not remember the long chaos in Libya prior to Qaddafi dying, how Obama was floundering, wanting someone else to lead, getting pushed around by a French President to attack a country we had no real reason to want go to war with?

I do, it was driving me insane. I am no friend of Qaddafi, but he is the dictator we choose to back, he was willing to jump through the hurdles we demanded of him to leave his stance as international pariah… he could of turned into a Saddam, he didn’t. Instead, he came slowly over to our side. And all if a sudden we gotta blow him half to hell?

The Arab Spring was tough… I’m not going to lie and say it was a cake walk. Every Arab state developed multiple personality disorder after all our secret info was leaked… Libya snapped into two. Qaddafi had to look tough to keep control. All we had to do in Libya’s case was to tell Europe to fucking cool it, and follow our lead.

You fill up a few C-130s full of this wire:

It is called Concertina Wire. It is designed to stop tanks. There is no vehicle save maybe a bulldozer in Qaddafi’s army that can blitzkrieg it.

Can a individual soldier just walk up with gloves and remove it? Yes… it’s why it needs patroled and gives watch by sniper or gunner positions. Many armies have engineering vehicles that supposedly can just roll right up and dismantle it, I’ve seen the US army try it, against me in NTC, and failed… instead they gave up, and one battalion of advance Strykers stormed the barb wire, tore their tires up, stranded their vehickes a few hundred yards away, and they all needed towed afterwards!

Mortar and Artillary fire can take it out after a while, but you can radio a counter strike of your own mortar and artillery, or call in air support… the US Airforce.

We coukd of done that easily. Running shorties out of italy and off our carriers. Put European peacrkeepers on the ground. Qaddafi woukd be screaming invasion, imperialism, the usual far left leaders around the world would of rallied to him, Spain would be investigating Obama for war crimes… Fuck, whatever… a major civil war would of been averted. Libya wouldn’t if gone back into the dark ages. A lot of people now dead would still be alive.

Instead Qaddafi died, Libya fell into hell, Qaddafi’s mercenaries fled to Mali, and started another war there (Thanks a lot Hillary) and this influenced a lot of the ears in the region. ISIS gained a strong foothold in Africa from that. Qaddafi called Hillary time and time again to try to end the war. He would of cursed us out either way publically, but would of been thankful as hell for my solution vs her non solution. Qaddafi built a dynasty, we caused a mess, and didn’t even go after his heirs. Its unchristian of me, but if your gonna topple a dynasty, you gotta kill the princes too. They are still around, filthy rich, playing the victims, and will cause us problems in the future.

Can you see, in this one case… not touching what she did in Syria and Iraq… just this, why I am absolutely terrified of her. I support a strong military, not a stupid strong, but a intelligent strong military… one that doesn’t go on military adventures without long term assessment of the consequences.

Obama was more or less hyperventalating in a bag during this crisis… we really could of used a strong secretary of state. We didn’t have one. Fuck… I would of settled for Kerry. I don’t think Kerry would if messed it up this bad… he doesn’t do anything great, but he doesn’t do anything bad either. I’m not going to turn the news off for a week to relax, and turn it back on to discover we entered into WW3 because he lost control. Hillary has a track record for doing this.

I don’t want a impressive president this time around, I don’t want to be inspired. I just want one that will leave everyone shrugging at us relationwise as ambicable or so-so, and the news at worst some politically incorrect gaffes. Just a quite presidency, where the broken stuff starts getting fixed. We got a lot of broxen shit, never had so much broken shit as now… just shut up and fix it. Quality fixes, no duct tape.

If Trump is a moderate, then he’s a fearmonging, jingoistic, xenophobic moderate.

Regardless of his current stance, he is not “fear mongering”, but merely playing on what others have already produced. He has said nothing to produce more fear and insecurity. He does not say, “You better watch out for those….”. Instead, he says, “Because of all this threat, I am going to…”.

Yeah… he isn’t exactly scapegoating, he is targeting pragmatically (not exactly a fountainhead of wisdom, but within reason) what we have been deeply concerned about for over a decade.

We tried the language games, inviting Muslims to camp and sang campfire songs with them under Obama, shit went to hell.

For those who wish to continue the campfire singalongs… like Albania, yeah fuck, we are all game for that. For those trying to fuck our world, circumventing the logical gaps in the liberal sing along, we need sensible stop-gap measures.

Trump hasn’t really engaged in Jingo much, except saying he wants America great again. I’m turned off that approach since Obama did the same crap… we haven’t achieved positive change, we’ve significantly regressed.

As to Xenophobia… yeah, but he didn’t invent it. I’m Roman Catholic, had a Mexican godfather (dead) and grew up in very Hispanic areas of California my first decade. I’m not anti-hispanic, but was always strongly for a wall. It just makes sense, they really do solve a lot of drug and crime issues, and in our security environment are essential. I see no valid argument against them, other than deeply partisan ridicule based on nothing.

In regards to the “M” word… Muslims… it ain’t the fucking Calvinists coming and bombing us, shooting us up. We don’t find ourselves stuck in a generational war with Buddhists. Trump is rather sensible and drops the bullshit. Yeah… I’m worried about Muslims overseas coming to kill you all. I’m not willing to hide it on the basis of political correctness.

He can’t “ban” all Muslims, nor does he want to. If your American, he can’t stop you from returning. I don’t think he wants to target someone like Gulan either, or academics or foreign workers with essential skill sets. I think he is just freaked out we pretend like nothing is wrong, and we can swallow up half of Syria and incorporate them here no issue, no background checks.

The solution will come very fast… most Muslim nations will provide background checks for their countrymen. If they are flagged in the slightest… you don’t come. For crazy wars like Syria where genocidal fuckheads can be posing as refugees, we don’t take in refugees save on very select basis… we can just fund a camp, and if we can’t establish a safe camp, then we can carve out a safe place and get a coalition together to provide it security, food, medicine.

It is common sense shit. Nobody wants to deny Muslims the Hadj. I’m don’t think the CIA is that scared of the knights of Islam staying up all night praying, or people going to Cairo to study at the top mosques. Nobody is advocating stop trade with Muslim nations, burn korans, shut down every mosque, Yank prayer rugs from people, dignagrate Muslims.

I’ve called the FBI on Catholics before trying to set up a medieval style warrior monk fighting fraternity in Boston. They are my coreligionists, but won’t stand for them doing that crap. If a Catholic country was all into that shit, and threatening us, I would say ban them till we get a system going to figure out who is what. This means intelligence cooperation between governments, stricter visa requirements, at the least.

Thus isn’t hard people. You can be a good Muslim, and get in. We don’t hate you. You can be a horrible non-muslim… we do hate them and don’t want them in… but there isn’t anything of the scale like the risks Islamic radicalism provides to us. They come here and try to blow our shit up, we don’t like that.

Ingenuity and states willing to play ball will substantially reduce the spread and effects of this ban… he wants it as a stop gap measure till we can decide who we want coming here, and that is anyone who loves America and doesn’t want to kill us. We like those people, but hate terrorists.

I was reminded today that Hillary stuck some guy in fucking prison for making the You Tube video she pretended was responsible for the Benghazi attacks. It’s hard exaggerate about the shit she’s done.

I forgot about that, Fuck. He isn’t still in prison, is he? He is a bonafide political prisoner.

I was thinking about that poor doctor that helped us kill bin laden, still locked up. Are you really telling me we couldn’t bribe him out? Pay merceneries to raid the prison, make it look like a Taliban Breakout, bust him out, something, anything?

We need to outright just get his family here ASAP. Poor guy.

Incredibly fucked up. I know damn well someone on that prison staff can be given enough money to make shit happen. If you can’t, then start killing them off till someone sympathetic pops up… if your willing to die to keep bin laden’s assassin in jail, your a legitimate target in my book. I have no qualms taking out these ISS thugs covertly till we find a honest man in their ranks who cares more about his country than some dead terrorist.

Turd - fearmongering may be in the eye of the beholder, but calling mexicans (except rich mexicans who buy apartments from Trump and belong to his golf clubs) rapists, murderers and drug dealers is not giving an accurate picture of illegal aliens. Calling all Muslims threats to national security plays on fears similarly. While i see no reason why we may feel morally obligated to take in Syrian refugees, talking about real threats and real actions that should be taken is more responsible and 'real world" than simply lumping everyone who looks the same together.

Again, I think we should not accept these refugees. But claiming that an Indiana-born judge prejudiced because he’s presiding over a case that Trump is a party to shows at least a lack of understanding of American society and at worst is just plain race-baiting.

You can concentrate on real threats in a prioritized way or you can go for the biggest fear factor. Ask any police chief. There is a difference between fighting crime and lowering the fear of crime. The first is pragmatic law enforcement. The second is pragmatic politics. Presidents should try to balance the two. We deserve more than Trump is giving us.

That doesn’t mean that he’s worse than Hillary.

We do definitely deserve more/better than Trump. Trump is better than Hillary though, for certain… as far as commander and chief and foreign policy is concerned. We kinda got collectively screwed this election cycle.

Faust… philosophically, you’ve always leaned more towards linguistics, right? 90% of my complaints about you exist in this arena. I’m not saying your incapable of pragmatic thinking, or seeing a larger strategic picture, but in general, it has been my experience people focus on words and how they effect them emotionally and in terms of self worth when they do this… and I quite honestly can’t begin to give a damn about that. The underlining mentality and meaning of “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is seemingly list on such people. It is why I say the word “Fuck” so much and compulsively curse. It is a survival mechanism to keep linguists at bay, so I may rather be surrounded by people who don’t think language first, but consider facts, statistics, probability, likelihood. I can care less if someone hates me, as long as they can’t kill me. I’m very liberal towards people who can’t kill or harm me, even though they may hate my guts. I don’t particularly care for people who just “like me” though either.

It is a different sort of pragmatism, taking place in a different hemisphere.

Hillary fear-mongers on language game basis, alluding to the left’s long standing bullshit arguments, that evolved into our current politically correct culture… which many feel is dishonest and stagnated… it isn’t useful, it causes serious issues, and no… we don’t want yet more dialogue to bury on all the other dialogue, just so we can hug Hillary at the end, have her pat us on the year and say “Isn’t that better now that you got that off your chest and your linguistically conforming to our world view?”

Nooooooo. Fuck no… time for turrettes syndrome to come out, and breaking shit. Thats the only rational response to this.

All I see her do is fear monger. She doesn’t touch the issues. She has to attack Trump because he is dangerous… Trump never killed anyone, he never started a war. He sold some shitty overpriced steaks, and outrageous rent to fools. Most of her statements about Trump apply to her. She couldn’t say much bad about Bernie because Bernie refused to say anything bad about her… he was playing to the language prone left.

You can only go so far, with the response of acting wide eyed in shock, pointing at your opposition saying “can you believe what he just said, he is going to ruin everything, destroy our precious ordered sheltered world, where everything fits, and we can live reclusively, away from minorities and poor people… wait, did I say that out loud?”

That is Hillary Speech, to gentrified white people. For everyone else, it is specific race based fear mongering.

Trump… only group he is worried about is Muslims… and for good reason. They kinda been attacking us for a few years. The wall is very reasonable and sound. No rational argument has been put foreeard for why we can’t have one vs the necessity of having one. Our crime rate, economy, ability to tax effectively, and internal security remains absurdly off balance without this wall, and it keeps our neighbors, especially Mexico, in a state of corrupt war.

It is absolutely insane not to build it. So many more better arguments exist for it than against it. I can care less how sad and low Mexican self esteem will drop with a wall… their cartels will largely collapse (yes, there is medieval tech for detecting tunnels being dug, very cheap, don’t know why we don’t use it). No cartels, no big gangs, Mexicans working legitimately, sending home pay for seasonal work… both sides benifit… we can take businesses using them legally, the Mexicans have legit money, and send money back to the bank. Win Win. Our current system is abhorrent, our current system involves idiots saying “Don’t call them illegal aliens, humans can’t be dehumanized as aliens, we shouldn’t have borders”. We shouldn’t have cartels either, or gangs, or mass immigration that evades any and all laws regarding hiring and using a employee that US citizens can’t compete with. It is absolutely absurd.

And they do rape… and murder. He is referencing the mass discontent at Ice and the San Francisco police/sheriff releasing people with criminal records who should legally be deported for crimes back on the street, where they rape or kill afterwards. What is the moppie liberal response? How do you think the average American reacts to that bullshit moronic affirmative action, that is blantantly illegal.

Yeah, Trump casts a wide net in these statements, but I don’t think anyone cares about the semantics… “it’s only some verified cases vs ‘the norm’”. These cases are made on a great bug liberal grandstand, of assholes who don’t know what they are doing informing the rest of the country they know better than us, and will disregard our laws and do it their way… and then the new stories come out. Nothing Americans can say to the liberals will change their crazy ass minds, cause they live in ivy league towers in their heads of infinite intellectual superiority… despite the obvious reality of them being some of the dumbest people in our population.

So that’s why you see the rage, why no one cares about Hillary or the left’s excuses anymore. Its the Boy Who Cried Wolf. We don’t buy it anymore. Your playing to a small minority that thinks it is a lot larger than it really is. Most of our problems arouse from that very outlook.

When Trump clarifies his position, left doesn’t notice. He becomes a scary Strongman fascinated with dictators, who wants to ban all minorities and do God knows what, he is too militant.

Trump is way more pacafistic than Hillary,they are about equal on social welfare, just Trump wants a better system (he still has Ben Carson by his side, always). She picks up on the sound bites,and scares people with it. She doesn’t have many ideas herself to point to. If anything, she is a continuation of the problem.

It is a new century. We new a new philosophy, time to drop our grandfather’s language philosophy concerns, go back to the basics of statecraft and economics. We’ve been running the country like there was no consequences to bad, poorly thought out actions. It is why everything has been falling apart, going to hell. It is why so many are fleeing from Hillary, and flocking to Trump. Hillary can’t get Democrats to love her, Trump might not be loved by the Republican elites, but he has millions who have given up flocking to him. Our polls don’t do a great job reaching them. Trump wasn’t being tracked very well in several primaries, he had tended to shock with outcomes… enough to know November is going to be a nail biter.

Make America Great Again. :laughing:

I lean towards linguistics here because you must master language before you can effectively attempt philosophy. I would love to talk real philosophy sometime but I can never get past the belief on the part of most here that philosophy doesn’t require a technical language, which if true, would make it unique among all serious fields of inquiry. It’s blatantly clear that this is not the case, but most people here refuse to believe it.

Even so, you can perform a scientific experiment without ever speaking. You can’t do philosophy without speaking (or writing). Just can’t.

However, you have been so far willing to parse words with me.

I didn’t realize my self worth was at stake here. Yikes!

The problem with Hillary is that she is essentially a liar. Which makes her worse. Maybe if she were better at it, i wouldn’t mind.

Maybe watch something other than MSNBC.