Donate Your Bone Marrow!

Do you think you are a good person?

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  • I’m too drunk to answer.
  • How do you define good?
  • How do you define person?
  • WWKD?( What would Kant do?)
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Check it out at:

This is what part of what is involved in registration:

Online Donor Registration

Welcome to the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry’s Online Registration System. Potential donors will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Educational Information and Consent
  2. Demographic Information
  3. Medical Evaluation
  4. Contribution Page - Thanks to a recruitment grant, Gift of Life is now able to subsidize a substantial part of your testing. Your tax-deductible gift of chai ($18 ) will enable us to send a kit directly to your home! The test is self-administered, and involves a quick, simple swab of cells from the inside of your cheeks.
  5. Confirmation - Testing kit will be sent to the mailing address provided during registration. Testing involves a swab of cells from the inside of the cheeks.

Volunteers must be between the ages of 18-60, in general good health, and prepared to participate as a potential donor for any patient worldwide in need of a transplant.

Why not? It won’t kill you, and what difference will it make to you? It grows back.

18 people die each day while waiting for an organ donation …
Considering the fact that these deaths are almost completely preventable if only more people would donate organs (at no cost to themselves).

Check it out at:

The process of harvesting the marrow is agony, that’s what you’ve got to lose. No, I’m not a good person.

Well now there’s a statistic I didn’t need right now. :frowning: My mother is in the hospital now, they are trying to get her stabilized. She doesn’t even go for her transplant eval until Feb 22nd.

I’m sorry to hear that, LDG, and I hope that the operation goes well…

Is she getting a liver transplant?

Not yet. She’s gotta go in to see if she can be put on the list first. :frowning: That’s the eval at the end of February. I’m going to visit her tonight when I get out of work. Hate work. :frowning:

Don’t lose hope Living…my Uncle had a liver transplant after being on a waiting list for over a year. I’m sending all my hope and good thoughts to you and your Mom.

I’m sorry if I caused you any distress, LDG. I just wanted to bring light to a problem that we can all help with. I hope that all goes well with your mother.
The flip side of that statistic is that 74 people receive an organ transplant every day.
Again, I’m sorry for the distress, and I truly hope all goes well for your mother.


I would like to answer yes to this one, but the Government won’t let me.

I was kicked off the potential donor list five years ago. I guess cancer is a bad thing, or whatever, even when they completely get rid of it. I can’t even give blood, but being a vegetarian my iron count was often too low anyway.

You would think modern science could devise a way so that a perfectly healthy person who had a flaw in their medical history could do something completely unselfish when they die, or even before. Alas. I always wanted to be an organ donor if I died in some terrible accident. I read too many Lurlene McDaniel books as a kid and as a direct result am a major hypocondriac. I don’t suggest it.

LDG, sorry about your mom. I hope all goes well.

By the by, I’m not looking for a pity party or anything. I had cancer. It’s a fact. It’s gone. I was extraordinarily lucky. Not everyone is.

false_indigo you can always give your dead husk to science for medical research. Its just as good as giving an organ because you’re helping train those who save lives.

My good death dead is to be a meal for a starving tribe of cannibals. Don’t be such a selfish ass become a delicious savage souffle.

And at the same time many people think it would be bad if there was a cure for old age descovered?


It’s a toss up between “population control” and “compassion”.
Which do we choose?
I’d rather recieve comprassion then have my population “controlled”.

  • and about body parts:

Accelorated cell growth tech – if fast enough – pluss cloning – would mean that they doctor could use your own cells/DNA to create and clone an organ or bodily fluid or skin, anything.

I love you Shy, and have a great day!
[* Dan gets inside a burning tire and rolls down a hill *]

A little update for you all…

Mom is at the Lahey Clinic in Boston now. We should be hearing back about her transplant eval, whether or not she can be put on the list.

Her score is up there, so she’ll be at the top of the list if approved.

They took a look at her liver on Tuesday, and where the shunt is (basically a chinese finger trap to allow blood to move through her liver) will make doing a live donor transplant tricky. Not impossible. But tricky. And she’s fading more by the day.

Thank you all for your concern. I appreciate it.