Done with US Politics

In my little circle of friends and acquaintances I have been the “expert” on current US politics because they only see the MSM headlines and edited videos and don’t have the time or incentive to filter through it all to discern what is or isn’t actually true (just like most people across the world). I have always seen the USA as being the bastion of hope and freedom from oppressive governments - an icon (even though never perfect and in recent decades very imperfect).

My view of the world is a bit like seeing a rubber stretched between the CCP in China and the Washington Monument in Washington DC. If either end was released, the entire world would be swept away toward which ever end still remained. And clearly that has become the CCP (they literally wanted to remove the Washington Monument) - total authoritarianism - Brave New World dystonia.

To me now I can’t stand to watch even the conservative media outlets with hosts either whining about the very obvious fraud and true high treason having been committed while clamoring about how they all just need to fix it next election - how vulgarly pathetic. I don’t know English well enough to even describe what the Ugly Swamp in America between Canada and Mexico looks and feels like to me now. It is like watching a corpse fester with cancer and limbs already rotted off while a tiny part of the brain is still saying, “I’ll be alright. Just give me a minute to get on my feet.” It’s too sick to stomach.

From here on out what I believe is that ALL media (especially from the Ugly Swamp) will quickly become nothing but layers upon layers upon layers of lies about every concern - politics, diseases, technologies, UFOs, wars, weather, you name it with no hope of discerning any truth about anything any more - the “Darkness”.

When the man who admits the high treason of fraudulently stealing the highest office in the land, preaches to his minions that the USA is soon to be completely decimated (“and not just because of the Blacks but the Hispanics too” - from the “non-racist”) just as an Obama cult general would do, and promises massive economic collapse while he ensures that it all happens in order to create his prophesied “Dark Dark Winter” - what else can anyone expect.

Of course he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish his treason without the already massively present perjury and treason throughout the US Congress, US Administration, US Supreme Court, Mainstream and Social Media. There had to be a treacherous secret treaty with the Globalists hidden from the US citizens. I am guessing that is what James knew about to allow him to see that the game was over years ago (along with his theories on how literally everything works).

Even the most honest people will be merely guessing about things based on premises they never knew were lies from the start - a virtual reality of political manipulations by those already manipulated themselves. - Nothing anyone reports is going to have more than an once of actual truth in it worth trying to filter out. They don’t make combs with fine enough teeth to comb out the tidbits of possible truth from the filth and murk. It would be like trying to breath air through a leather mask.

I imagine that the US population first then the entire world is about to experience what Germany felt as the Nazi regime first took over only on a much, much bigger scale with much much greater technologically precisely designed boots. Even Israel is a socialist nation (only democratic in the sense of having a council that votes on what their people are to believe). Voting especially in the US but also across the world will be more meaningless as ever - only a signal of who is in need of reeducation or disposal.

So I prefer to go to my happy place (thank God and James for MIJOT) and just ignore the ugliness to come as much as possible - enjoy the near by as much as I can for as long as I can - wife, work, and wealth - my own government when I have to - expecting no hopes to rise - no bright stars in the dark, dark night sky - just more surveillance and weaponized satellites and drones gleaming with sinister pride.

Trusting anything is not going to be possible - your news, your foods, water, weather, associates, vaccines, barristers, doctors, accountants, priests, and certainly never your politicians and governments (merely puppets of the authoritarian Globalists) - 100s of millions to die at the whim of AI.

It might take a while to gain a new hobby that doesn’t remind me of how sick the world has become due to the death of Liberty. But I’ll find a way - a game to play - the gloom at bay - and pray the spirit to stay. Really not much else to say (maybe I’ll take up Welsh monorhyming :smiley: ).

Truly truly - “Bye bye Miss American pie”.

Canadian politics are boring as fuck, I’ve always been more interested in American politics.
America doesn’t give a fuck, they march to their own drummer, and I respect them for that.
That being said, America is less interesting with Trump gone, so until something big happens:



But what if Trump was just used in order to put Biden in office now?

The rise of rightwing populism, Trump, Farage, Bolsonaro, Salvini and so on, is being used by the neofeudalists to ultimately hasten our woke chinafication.
That’s what the fake covid and fake outrage mods are for, to fully bring in totalitranshumanism.

This is what I meant. You just said it in other words. Biden is only the more effective puppet of the globalists. Trump and others have only been their helpers - voluntarily or involuntarily.

You mean: “Cocid-19” caused by IA.

trusting anyone has never been possible
lol if u think politics works
lol if u waste your energy on this subject

it’s not a matter of being hopeless
you’re just putting your hope in the wrong place
don’t be a sarcophagus, dude
be a seed
everything is going to be fine

i cant imagine what his friends must be like if he is the political expert among them.

Truth and information will certainly become much more difficult to come by, and gauge what is accurate and relevant, within the sea of disinformation.

However, as Philosophers, what is more alluring than a good challenge, to disseminate even more powerful and difficult to disassemble truths?

There is hope yet, always is, even in previous Dark Ages historically.

What must happen is that the Conservative-Right within the US must move off the platforms now dominated by the Communist “Liberal” Left.

Those who used to call themselves “Liberals” are mostly the new Communist party. We see this throughout ILP, this forum here. They must be fought on all levels.

They are witling away at the First Amendment and Bill of Rights. All Americans must come to its defense, or lose it forever. It’s that simple. This is not a joke.

Of course Trump was corrupt, like the vast majority of politicians.
Nonetheless, what I think we saw with him was a bit of a resurgence of paleoconservative, WASP values (constitutional, representative democracy, free markets, conservative values, isolationism and nationalism) in the republican party, as opposed to neoconservative, Jewish values (unconstitutional, unrepresentative democracy, corporatism, progressive values, imperialism and globalism, as well as the unconstitutional wars on, or rather for drugs and terror), altho he was still very much a Zionist.
With Trump gone, is this the end of neoplaeoconservatism, if you will, or only the beginning?

I found no reason to believe that and I watched very closely. But it is soon to be gospel so I won’t argue the point.

I think we have some breakthroughs, folks…

It is certainly right that the Conservative-Right within the US must move off the platforms now dominated by the Communist “Liberal” Left. But then, the Conservative-Right must hurry! Maybe this political position will be totally forbidden soon! Actually, there has been only one political party in the US. And this party forbids any opposition.

George W. Bush said he was proud to defend WASP values. Perhaps he was lying. :neutral_face:

Only the beginning.

Trump has children, keep that in mind. We could see Trump, or his kids run in elections for the next few decades.

They have the power to overturn the Republican party completely.

To the OP,

You might be done with US Politics, but is US Politics done with you??

US politics is now predictable, irrelevant and run entirely by Global agendas. So I see no need to watch the body of the USA fester and rot. I can see where my part of the world is going by observing the Globalists (mostly through Israel and China).

W was a leftwing fascist, that’s what neoconservatism is, they pay lip service to conservatism.
Paleoconservatives are real conservatives.
Trump’s platform had some paleoconservative features, and that’s why neocons and liberals want to crush him.

Yup, and we could also see another paleoconservative candidate become popular, in the republican party, or in a 3rd party, or as an independent.

All new fascists say: “We are antifascists”.

So you are saying that George W. Bush was like the ANTIFA. Okay.

Like their Dad they are too stupid to run a new party. You need to make an effort to do that, and there is no one left with any enthusiasm for the bigfat orange baby man.
You can’t run a political party from a golf course…

This is a massive shame. IF only Trumpies would start a new party THE PATRIOT PARTY.
That would split the moron vote ensuring Democratic governments into perpetuity.