Don't ask why, I have no idea.

Words and symbols, meanings and misunderstandings, racing through the mind, incessantly.
Race. This words comes up alot. Space race, technology race, information race, human race, race against the clock, arms race, rat race.
Hurry up, have to get home. You need to speed things up.
Speed, race.
Speed race. That’s rather senseless, but it’s been heard.
Speed boat.
Speed bike.
Speed of light.
Speed of sound.
Ground speed.
Air speed.
Nautical speed.
Wind speed.
Network speed.
Word amphetamines.
Is there a speed of stupid, I wonder?
How about it Albert? E=ms^2?
What exactly are we in such a hurry for, to always need to race against something? Are we being followed, or fear of being swallowed by something?
Anyone ever just take a walk anymore?
In the woods.
By a stream or river.
In a park.
For no reason.
Slow down long enough to see what is going on around you.
Watch a bee?
An ant?
A praying mantis?
My daughter and I saw a ground hog/wood chuck on our walk.
She asked what a wood chuck’s life was for, I had to laugh.
All I could say is, “to be a wood chuck”. What an idiot I am, that made me laugh too.

Oddity about children is, they can be content with the simplest answer, and I could even tell she thought about it for awhile.
We watched clouds for awhile, and I listened to her talk for quite a time about all her daily school business. We weren’t in a hurry, just content to walk, talk, sit, and even be silent at times, comfortably silent.
I can feel her eyes searching me at times, I think I startled her when I asked what she was looking for on my face. She recovered quickly, and didn’t even avert her eyes.
“Looking to see if you love me”. Plain, clear, and simple. Her honesty always astounds me, no shame, no remorse, even when her words sting sometimes, because they are absolutely true.

Even as harsh and austere as my mind tends to be, for the first twenty three hours of the day, I catch myself looking into the faces in my family, and feel that creep of ill weakness when I realise, their faces represent my need for the same.
She asked me about what God is, where, what is it, a he or a she … had to laugh again, because her father could only give her a muddled answer that sounded like a romper room babble … God is the deepest, quietest, most moving part of yourself that you can never see, but always hear when you are alone and sincere with yourself?
That made her stop for a minute, probably processing the abstractionist garble into a mental record for later inspection.

Words, they are as opaque and obfuscating as obsidian, and cut just as well.

We walked some more, saw our favorite lady Thompson’s redtail, what a fabulous hunter, she always has something in her talons.
We saw our first ladderback too. The male was in tree, off a ways, the lady came close enough for us to take a good stare, then became annoyed with our eyes following her.
A couple of pairs of gold finch, purple finch, a thrush.
Saw a black tiger squirrel, not indigenous, must be a transplant, or a nomad.
We talked some more, lighter this time, basic stuff, people, things we do, like to do, what we don’t like, and why… chit chat, prattle, banter, silence.

We walked the last twenty minutes home, hand in hand, quiet as could be, quite content. Her friends were outside when we came home, I just let her go, and she blazed off, which made me hurl out laughter again.

It would be nice if human beings could give up on words for awhile, maybe a long while, and start back at square one, learning to just walk next to one another, being content in equal silence.

It’s my mind, I can dream if I want to.

Before you decide to reply, know that Old_Gobbo, stands ready to be invoked.

That was quite confusing for me reading that. As I pressed ‘reply’ a small paradoxical rift opened up and I saw the Enterprise for a couple seconds.

Your story reminds me of the grandfather of one of my friends. He told her, and so consequently me, that he never hurries to catch the Ferry because it never hurries for him.

Some would say that the outlines of the way are colored by our intensity for each moment. All those work commutes can fade to a grey charcoal sketch if we keep our eyes locked on the horizon.

With this in mind I’m going to walk to the kitchen for a drink… enjoying the simplicity of the elegant complexities which give rise to my gaze trapped inbetween.

LOL … you of all people. Here, allow me to clear your confusion, brother monkey man.

As you can see it makes no sense really… and for that I don’t apologize.


It makes perfect sense to me especially after having just raced home on my bike. I didn’t want to get here quickly see, the sun is shining and the air is fresh and clean and the sky is blue. I wanted to feel the sweat dripping off my body, I wanted to breathe hard, I wanted to hear my heart beating in my head. All this to stop really. The mind that is.


Thanks angelic one.

Hard to stop that brainy thing, it tends to babble alot, doesn’t it?

No wonder humans can’t just enjoy the quiet.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” Mahatma Gandhi

The ‘quickening’ is happening all on it’s own…well sort of…



Yes this is the trouble. We don’t know who we are or what and why everything is happening.

We don’t even know when to move quickly or how to move quickly without rushing. Everything turns in circles. All this because we have no idea. Such is life.

Would a knowledge about why everything is happening give us peace of mind, or fill us with dread? Would it be good to know the inevitable? If at the beginning of every game you knew who was going to win, would you still want to play?


It depends on your aim. If your aim is peace of mind, then stick with good scotch. If your aim is “to be,” then it requires having the courage to experience the truth of ourselves.

She is referring of course to those who wish “to be” at the expense of peace of mind. Reality is a bit of a shock. It takes guts. Not for the "lovely"people.


I have a similar feel to what xander the megalith stated.

We do know what we are, when, where, and how … but “why”, is the original source of all our confusion.

As xander pointed out, we would quit quickly if the “why” was simply placed in a singular medium and context, for our instant viewing.

We seek the original “why”, and the source behind it, without which, there is no “why” that creates the necessity of us even being.

One the adjacent field, this “why” is what gives us some of the what, when, where, and how.

Don’t lose direction Nick, “why” is your reason for asking in the first place, and the entirety of the reason you seek at all.


This becomes a serious question. We may know to an extent but not have access to this knowledge. It is covered by imagination. But such a question is not right for here.


No point in becoming disheartened, fortify your will.

This may not sit well with you, but the angelic one is truly fabulous for that virtue, even when confronted perpetually by nay-sayers.

She deserves admiration for her will, even when confronted.

We all need to learn from one another…
it helps us all in the search, and I am no different.


I’m not disheartened not do I believe I lack the will here. I guess I’m disappointed. When I read that efforts towards shared expression with the intent of quality on one board as an expression of the “Love of Wisdom” or the direction of the higher however it is conceived are “better suited to a different kind of forum,” I give up. If the site doesn’t respect the essence of philosophy then all that is left is the mundane. I don’t regard deep spiritual concepts as mundane and refuse to prostitute them as such.

So instead we can discuss the subtle intricacies of the female behind here which isn’t really so bad and search to find other possibilities. After all, there is always a new angle to consider. :slight_smile:

She gonna nail your ass…

Not likely, she is quite aware of my intent when I invoke her person in post.

Besides, she hasn’t been defamed or reduced.

Trouble maker!!! [-X


Yes, Always.