don't call me


You hate the way I wake up and fall asleep in yesterday’s eyeliner. I haven’t the slightest idea why it bothers you so much. I know sometimes I don’t brush my hair when your friends come over. And yeah, that one time I wore fishnet to your mom’s house, but she already thinks I’m a slut anyway. So I’m not sorry.

Remember when you carved our names in that tree at our old building? Last year when I caught you fucking your ex I went by and crossed the whole thing out. It made me feel better. I always hoped you’d notice it was gone, but you never did. Anthony and I had sex that night. We both felt so guilty we started drinking and got drunk and had sex again. I always wanted to tell you. I’m not sorry. At least not now.

I love the way you smile at everyone but me. You remind me of my father. I love how the first time you hit me, you cried. You don’t cry anymore.

I think it’s over. I’m sorry.


das tut mir Leid.


Um… it doesn’t make perfect sense, but it’s pretty deep and dramatic! I love it!

You could be mine…

Perfect description of the entire relationship. From my perspective.