dont you just wanna die??

I mean, it being innevitable im sure theres a time in everybody’s life when one contemplates the concept of death. I myself have been thinking very hard about the subject and really can’t get my head around it.

Two possible out comes are:

  1. You either believe in a God and will get the reward/punishment of living for eternity in heaven/hell.


  1. Well nothing, you are no longer living, your body goes into the soil to make nurishment and continue the “circle of life”.

Ofcoruse this is at its simplest, but taking just the above two out comes in mind both have the impossible concept of infinity to grasp. I my self at a age to yet complete my education am facinated by this and am eager to find out what this “sensation” of death is like. ( regardles of how strange it may sound :confused: )

Would love to hear everyones thoughts/views. However would like you all to refrain from the turning the topic into a huge religious/'thiest debate (for now at least) and just comment on what you think will happen once your “clock has ticked” and give a brief explinatation for why you think this.

Looking forward to replies,


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hi laws.
it was, in fact, this very question that triggered my interest in philosophy (or, at least, others’ philosophy)

so much evidence pointed towards your consciousness/soul continuing after death. a medium across my road convinced me, and even told us things to ‘prove’ it ( i was young).
the book that really gave a kind of confirmation to every suspicion i had, was david darling’s ‘afterlife’. the book describes the most sensible way of ‘approaching’ death as well as explaining it scientifically, and leaves you free of the doom and gloom that is often associated with it.
i was adament that this ‘supernatural’ phenomenon could be explained scientifically. many of the events associated with death have in fact been tested rigorously. for example, the sensation of the tunnel, or the immense bright white light, have respectively been put down to the complexities of the eye, losing the blood supply that supports its ‘rational’ perception of changes in environment (i.e. light). the white light, is merely the initiation of action potentials in all types of cone cell, as the neurotransmitters, acetylcholine and noradrenaline cannot be produced any more (ATP not generated).
dampens the myth, a bit. but the truth has a habit of doing that.

this belief dissapeared last summer, when i read schopenhauer’s views on death. ‘you die, and that is it’, was the basis. heartless objectivism. that’s where i stand at the moment, but i don’t think about it too much, to be honest. i’m still very open-minded though. i think science, neurology in particular has a lot to tell us, so i wait with baited breath, but generally as a mere side-thought, the vitality and sheer culture of all life is something which can affect us at every level of our consideration. death should ideally be absent from your conscious view of how to live to your life.

oh, yes. god! forgot to mention him. not really for me, personally. but a good way of having the above conditioned into your thinking when going about your activity.

I also think that you die and that’s all that happens, the aftermath is simple, you’re no more.
why do I think this…
I don’t believe in re-incarnation for two seconds, don’t believe in heaven or hell and I don’t believe in any sort of rest period till judgement day or whatever like that… (a christian lady told me that yesterday, she said that I should fear god for who he is, because when judgement day comes, I will have to answer… I asked if that’s what she thinks happens after death, she responded “No you rest in peace, but only until Jesus is ready for his day of judgement.”) And don’t ask what led to this conv.!!

i hate the idea of it just ending but that seems the only logical answer. tv told me once that doctors have brough people back to life after 15 minutes or so of being dead and they experienced an after life. i really dont believe that all that much though. but a theory i lean towards more mostly because i dont like the idea of death being final is that there are other forms of energy that we give off which keep us alive and thinking in ways. but there is also the theory that this is just a level of life and that when we die we go to another. not in a religious sense that we deal with god but that its another dimension or universe.

To me, it does not really matter what happens after you die, but mainly before you die. Unlike many, I know I am going to die eventually, and honestly, I do not care when it happens, nor do I care what happens afterwards. All I want to do is leave an enormous impact on the earth before I go. Many have created art, music, and an immense amount of technology that future generations will be able to take for granted. I plan to attempt to change the world as much as I can, and die doing it. :smiley:

What follows may be small minded, simple, but it is infact a truth.

What happens after death is a foolish question to ask. True we all ask it. Great minds wonder and squander their time asking, but truth is it is foolish and futile. What is to happen will, The only thing you have to do is live and make the best decisions you know how to make in the circumstances.

Some people are seemingly dealt bad hands, while some incredibly luck hands. but the whole point is to step up, take your hand and play the game. not knowing the rules, not knowing the punishment, Just stepping up, live, and when its over its over. Cause if you spend your entire life or just 5 minutes wondering what will happen, that’s 5 Mins you could have spent doing something else.

(i never said what ever else instead wouldn’t be futile, just saying thinking of the outcome in the middle of the income what your doing to generate an outcome is futile)

What if research about death lead to some form of proof that there is a another universe. Or possibly another dimension. Also in development is a cure for aging. Say we do find a cure for aging it leads to a contradiction in the bible. One less possible outcome of death. I wouldn’t say it’s pointless. There are worse things to do than question death.

All i got to say is this. It may be selfish but its true.
If after I die, I know this. There is gona be a bunch of dead women in the afterlife. We all heard the man say “till death do you part” Well look who’s single now. Doesnt matter where you go there is going to be some women to atleast look at. Can you Count the # of dead women that ever lived? thats what im sayin. Pleanty enoug to go around…

Is chased out of the forum before finnnished post by women. IM SORRRRRRRR

Whatever floats your boat, but I don’t want to see anything dead when I die. If there is some zombie woman up there waiting for me, I am putting in my transfer for her to go to you. You also fall into the trap of believing that when we die, we still have hormones and want sex. You also imply that we are all straight (I am straight) but I am also aware of the number of gay/lesbians, bisexuals, etc. Are they somehow excluded in your vision of death?

If your serious, then let’s develop your idea further, I want to understand how you see it.

What’s your take?

Since basic human needs for love, companionship and so on, I am lead to think that while a lot of it may be physical, I would still be willing to voucher that those who live longer and have so much life instilled into our soul or what ever makes it through death’s filter that some percentage of humanism would make it through to the other side.

Sorta like this, A dead man doesnt eat, but he keeps a bowl of fruit on his etheral table just because he spent so much time eating, he also keeps a bed even though he does not sleep he likes a touch of the past life.

But the idea that in the afterlife everybody who ever lived is held possibly like a library would be amazing. to see every life as lived by those who lived it.

Again most of my less serious posts are commical in nature. but as the WC3 necromancer said “I love the dead…Frequently”

BluTGI stated:

  • How do you know a dead man doesn’t eat? Why do you associate a bowl of fruit being by a dead man along with spending so much time eating while alive? Do habits come with us to the other side? Ie. Sex, Marijuana, Violence, Anger, eating, excretions (going to the toilet), breathing, etc. These are all habits that many have. Which come through and which don’t? Or do they all come through?
  • You say, a touch of the past life, but how does a touch of the past life make it’s way to the other side? What is the point? If we have the power to have a touch of the past life when we die, why not decide to come back and forth as you like? What would the point of dying be?

What death’s filter? What gets filtered and what doesn’t, let’s get some specifics.

What’s your take?

Well its a general idea.
Watch the robin williams cuba gooding jr movie, think its called "what dreams may come.

In this im sure it was a remake, the hero must save his wife from her own personal hell where she relives life.

Well death’s filter is the stripping of humanism from the soul. when you die you loose your supposedly loose your human body leaving a supposed soul. but man’s view of a soul is like star trek the original’s view of aliens. While we have no idea what a soul really is, we generate ideas, ideas that seem a bit to much like what is present today.

So again supposedly we die, strip the flesh from soul, the soul is left with only the escence of the life it lead. I cant even imagine what kind of escene would go with it, and i may presume too much to even say that it would take memories or thoughts of actions. But if it did then it would not be suprising for this “soul” to want to keep familure habbitat. even if such things are futile now.

i wouldnt say we have the power or ability to allow this escence to go with us, but im sure something must go with it, otherwise this life is worthless if not do something, or have some affect on the soul. that would be the semi point. i cant say for curtain what the point of having a soul is, but im sure that it living a life must be important.

and as for habits going with us. one could easily say a man’s life is nothing but habit.

Heh… What would you do if when you died all memory thought emotion sole everything just stopped existing? Wait you’d probably be unexisting… nevermind

to do nothing is nothing. Nothing is almost everything when all you have is nothing. its like when you close your eyes and you cant hear anything, all you have as input is feeling, and darkness is the only thing. so if all you have is nothing, then atleast you have nothing. atleast you can rationalize the idea of nothing.

To go back to the whole “dead women” thing: What would they look like? I’ve thought about this and I have come to a conclusion: the body does not go along with you to the other side, so when you die, would your appearance resemble the day you died, or what? Certainly then there would be a lot of old looking folks there, so you would most likely have to pimp an old lady, as there will be very few young ladies. I do not think you are able to choose the age of which you think you were at your prime. I do not know what you would look like, nor anyone else for that matter, but I know it is not going to be a bunch of dead beautiful people in their prime trying to hook up with other dead people.

My thought anyway.

i think everyone has a memory of their first contemplation of death in a real sense…for some it was when a pet or a relative died, for me it was when i changed bedrooms as a boy and no longer needed a nightlight for my younger siblings, the bed room was pitch black so still a bit fearfull of the dark at that age i wonder that if the beasty under the bed gets me will death be black just like this room?..i think i resolved that it mattered very little as there is no control over death and i needed some sleep…

Baskinova43 = Well it would be full of beautiul people if MTV was doing something there. heheheheh. “Hey everybody im carson dailys ghost and i want to welcome you to MTV’s new summer hang out, man people are really dieing to get here.”


TGI stated"

But I asked you for specifics so we can develop your idea and maybe come to some adamantium foundation to build a strong belief and understanding about death, or that which we can only assume about.
I have watched the Robin Williams movie “What Dreams May Come” and it’s one of my favorite movies, check out the ‘Philosophical Movies’ thread and read my post, I listed lots of great movies.

In one paragraph you say:

and in the next you sum it up by saying:

But the two sentences are not the same. Or does humanism mean the flesh for you? What exactly is this humanism according to you. What is it that gets separated at death, my question is: “What stays and what goes”, my follow up question to that is “Explain why these things stay and the others go”, what is the rationale, basically.

BluTGI stated:

Supposedly?, sounds like you are regergetating what you have read or heard and aren’t sure if it’s true. Remember, I asked you about your opinion, let’s talk about what we believe in and why, not what someone said (unless it’s going to be something that we are sure about).

BluTGI stated:

What else can we do? We must generate ideas or else we are going to stagnate in the present situation and not progress anywhere. It is only ideas that keep us going. It is your ideas I am interested in. So, lets get to them…

BluTGI stated:

You can imagine, by the end of the paragraph you are imagining. Moreover, you have grasped onto something but are not sure if it’s good. Let’s analyse it, don’t be afraid to say what you believe death to be, if it’s wrong than whoever tells you it’s wrong will provide a reason, we can implement this reason into the equation and keep going with the idea, until we have an answer that no one can critisize since all the criticisms will be included. This will lead us to the ‘best’ possible answer we can get for the time being - like everything else in life we created.

BluTGI stated:

Your sure something must go with it, but what? Think TGI think. I’m not trying to be condecending, just trying to open your mind and not be afraid to speak it. You say there must be something otherwise life is worthless, but why draw this conclusion, is life only worth living if you can take things from it to death? Isn’t there anything else that could happen to make it worthwhile? Than again, who said that life is suppose to be worthwhile? So many people go through life just working, eating, sexing (LOL - funny word I made up just now), breeding, and then they die. This is what society wants us to do. This is how we do most for our government…slave workers without the chains and commands, we enslave ourselves. It’s perfect for them. What’s the meaningfulness in that?

BluTGI stated:

Sure one could say that, but are you saying it? Nothing but, heh? Well is there nothing that a human being does away from pattern? I mean, is there nothing that someone tries only once in their lives? If there is than life can’t be nothing but habit…

Hence the definition of habit:
A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.

Even if everything a humans life is, was habit, why does it necessarily mean you get to take it with you to the other side? Moreover, we ALL die, we don’t ALL have the same habits. There isn’t a correct correlation between the two, so it is difficult to merge them into the concept of death.

What’s your take?

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If you want to know what happens after death, grab an ouija board and ask.

Ahhh, an idea. The first official seance! I’m sure it would be hella popular, just imagine us all in a circle in a candle lit room.
Ben: “Is anybody there?”

Yeah! I’ll run the idea past him.