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Without supporting commentary, I can’t tell why you’ve pointed this article out to us. Is it to show that an article on the DoD website about comments made by a US general regarding the war in Iraq are as biased as we’d expect? I assume so.
I was surprised to see him cop to oil even being a part of the driving force behind our campaign, though he probably only acknowledged that because claiming that oil wasn’t a part of the picture at all isn’t believable in the least.
I think the myth that the U.S. is alone is a straw person, and it’s easy to prove that it’s not true. But the fact is that the U.S. has 20 times as many troops as the next largest contributing country, and makes up about 90% of the total troop allocation. I don’t know the numbers, but I’d be surprised if something similar weren’t true of the contractors. “Equally committed?” Hardly.
Isn’t the definition of an ineffective government ‘a government that needs a foreign power to deploy a hundred fifty thousand troops to maintian order’? It’s got to be close. There may be progress towards a stable government, but the current government can’t yet be claimed to be holding its own.
But, yeah, what’s the point?

thank you. you made the point.

the major media and the socialistic tyrants scream everywhere, iraq is a quagmire, pull out now, the war on terrorism is a lie (or a bumper sticker), disrespect veterans on memorial day, ect ad naseaum…

there IS progress being made and we are winning in iraq (much to the chagrin of the stalinists.)


There are still plenty of reasons to be against the war. Even if it succeeds, and not a single other person dies from here on out, and the world is made safer and iraqi people are given a sparkling new democracy; even given all these things that may or may not ever happen, there are still plenty of reasons to be against the war.

I hope you realize that April 2007 was the bloodiest month yet for US fatalities in Iraq. With 104 deaths…you might call that progress, but I sure as hell do not.

I would also mention that current strategy is already in the process of being phased out by the new “war czar” who happens to believe that there is no purely military solution to the conflict, and who also opposed the recent build up of troops.

Now the Yen emperor tyrannized his people, so you attacked him. The people thought they were being rescued from fire and blood, so they welcomed you with baskets of food and jars of wine. How can you justify killing elders and taking the young captive, tearing down temples and stealing sacred vessels? The power of Qi was already feared throughout all beneath Heaven, and now you’ve doubled your territory without making your government Humane. No wonder all beneath Heaven is us in arms.

Hurry!  Send out orders to release the old and young, to leave the sacred vessels where they are.  Consult the people of Yen, appoint a new ruler, and then leave....(Mencius, 2.11)

I wonder what the September “progress report” will hold in store for the War in Iraq. Will Imp. still think we’re winning the war, or support the war because “progress is being mad”, if the report contradicts this, or is a mixed review? Or is this report a farce to begin with, and a political attempt to quell the growing majority of people disliking the war with claims that “we won’t know until September”, or “you cannot know the true effects of the troop surge yet, wait for the report”…I can assure you one thing, if the troop surge was marginally successful, this report would not have been created and the powers that be would know right now that the surge has been successful.

They need confirmation after confirmation of how the war is not going well, but, you get one positive and it automatically means the war has been won.

Great job, imp. To counter the media’s claims that Iraq is failing, you tell us that the government says that it is not failing. Hilarious.

the proof is in the pudding.

where in the media is the evidence of all this loss?

keep believing pravda


Who says this?

What major media outlet promotes this?

That gave me a good laugh.

Actually… anything Imp posts give me a good laugh.

john edwards.

all of the media who reported the story (all of them)


Sources? I find it hard to believe that a mainstream contender for the presidency would make the catastrophic blunder of encouraging people to disrespect veterans ever, let alone memorial day. And the major media, even when left slanting, recognizes that almost everyone against the war is still supportive of the troops, hence the increasingly popular “support the troops, bring them home” bumper stickers. If I’m to believe that either of these said anything remotely similar to "disrespect veterans on memorial day, nothing personal but I’m going to need more than your word.

just ask a vet. … E_ID=55876,2933,274417,00.html

even the left wing socialist totalitarians at salon will tell you … ex_np.html

keep believing the left wing lies


That sound pretty damn respectful to me. Speaking out against war and speaking out against soldiers are two very different things. Disrespecting policy and disrespecting veterans are two very different things. Sweet spin job, though.

sweet as your spin defending this disrespectful politician who disrespects the troops?


You seem to claiming that “the major media and the socialistic tyrants” are issuing a command or suggestion to disrespect vetrans. While some people are upset that Edwards is condemning the war on Memorial Day, it is clear that he is encouraging people to show veterans the utmost respect, stating among other things that we should “honor and support our troops”. Gary Kurpius doesn’t speak for all veterans, and his claim that one must support the war in order to support the troops is bullshit. Edwards was clear about how he feels about the troops and how he feels about the war. As I said before, disrespecting policy and disrespecting veterans are two very different things.
As for spin, I quoted the source who you claim is disrespecting veterans. That some veterans are upset by what he says does not indicate that he is disrespecting veterans, so their comments aren’t germane.

April 2004 was the bloodiest, but you cannot judge progress by lives lost.
The Iraqi people are worse off than they have ever been. To think that democracy will work there is insane, so what are we looking to achieve? The war on terrorism is like the war on drugs, it will never, and can never be won. The US is not against terrorism, just terrorism that doesn’t help the American Agenda.

So even if I believe this and we are making progress in Iraq how long is it going to be until we can declare we have met all our goals and go home?

5 Years or 50?

I see no end I can put a finger on…

That dishonors those who lost their lives in service and those who served, and allowed to pass dishonors all who may serve as well as all Americans.
Bruce Kesler | May. 28, 2007 | 9:57 AM

To minimize the egregious conduct of some members of the 372nd (and their superiors) dishonors those men and women who honorably serve their country. We must not, as some commentators have said, deem this to be soldiers “blowing off steam” and equate it to a fraternity initiation. To me, that sort of response dishonors those who strive each day to serve their fellow soldiers and complete their missions – and who risk their lives to do so. A failure to condemn what is wrong is also a failure to recognize what is right … May11.html

That endangers those who fight and dishonors those who have fought and died.

Proverbs describes the scoffer as a man who delights in his scoffing, hates or dishonors those who seek to correct him, causes strife, and will not find wisdom. … e=5/3/2005

Lautenberg called the ads demeaning and told the President they dishonored those that died as well as the loved ones they left behind.
Press Release of Senator Lautenberg Thursday, March 4, 2004 … ?id=253945

I guess the definition of the word ‘dishonor’ is not totally established.
If Mr. Gary Kurpius would have a democratic vote of their 2.4 million members then we will know what they think, until then he is only one of a – or 2.4 – million.