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I made a DOW 19,000 post not too long ago, just after Trump got elected. Now it is 20,000. I’m getting nervous now.

The S&P is a better indicator of the overall economy.

That’s great. Matters not to me, trash pickup is the best indicator of individual consumption.

Why are you nervous about the dow at 20k?

It just means that apple and exxon and lmt and all the other big ass companies have accumulated more wealth.

What you should have done was bought rexx when I mentioned it. Now it would be worth twice as much. You can still do that and wait until march 14th, and it’ll be worth even more then.

I get nervous whenever I see bullish group optimism. Comes from my army days, once everyone starts reinforcing one another, getting excited, everything suddenly seems simple and straight forward. That’s when shit starts fucking up.

I know a lot of businesses saved up money over the last two presidents, afraid to spend money in case the economy exploded, but I just don’t like how it results in everyone now suddenly deciding to act “right now”. They might as well be marching to a cadence. That’s group think, and that shit produces nasty ass future bubbles.

I knew Trump would be heavy on streamlining construction projects via the EPA, Transportation, Government Lands, while pushing for renewed industry, but what if we’re facing 30,000 or 40,000 before the end of the year or next? We’re climbing too fucking fast, like they are singing Virginia Company from Disney’s Pocahontas. Just cause you desperately want your break, just because you feel you’ve earned it, doesn’t mean the time is ripe. This is too much optimism based on next to no activity. Trump has barely done anything. I support him, but like, he has been President for a whole fucking hour, and this is how our best economic investors react. They need to read the fucking fine print first. I’m obviously a strong Trump supporter, but this optimism is eating away at our rationality.

rexx movement isn’t about trump. The bidders who think it is are helping, but he isn’t why it’s going up.

I’m not worried about any specific corporation, but the euphoric collective thinking in bull markets, when it is based on little to no real facts.

I was asked to investigate a fraudulent company a while back, my town only recently booted out, tied to the Mafia and the Unions, by a few guts who would travel around my state ripping off community after community.

I had to sit my ass on a soggy hillside, counting trucks moving in and out of security checkpoints, noting the shipping companies moving them, who had their licence plates systematically covered by “wide load” signs, etc, to figure out what their actual processing capacity was, and how many were actually contracted. You can’t get that info statistically in a audit, if a company is shady.

Likewise, ask any former or current homeless person on this site, backpack across a state on back roads, you come across little corporation suburbs, a extreme case of that “over the hill” phenomena you spoke of in regards to the flight of the so called middle class. You yourself only know the lower actual middle class, I very much doubt you’ve come across a IBM community, out in the desert. I have. They have next to no civic structure, a pure gated community supplied by nothing but a overpriced grocery store and gas station, everything perfectly manicured, closed to anyone moving in except corporate people.

If those places show a sudden increase in building, it means a viable new major product is coming. If they never expand, it shows the local economy us unlikely to expand. Statistics and volitality doesn’t dictate market expansion. Old fashion, checking places out, asking yourself what the logical results of expansion or internally predicted booms are. Those clerks bagging in those overpriced stores know more than you do on who is doing what. I get you play volatility, blah blah blah… I’m much more Interested in the local fluctuations in housing, building expansion, as well as increase fraud… actual wealth attracts fraud to eat the gullible alive.

These are the indicators of real movements towards wealth. Businesses of close blow up all the time doing this, but it is still the far better indicator. I’ve not seen people inspecting the steel mills here for steel expansion. Trump wants all American steel- where are the investors? Our local housing market should be spiking. No trembles. Landlords aren’t retarded, they know the major industries. I’m not seeing our realators excited. Yet stock market exploding.

A realtor is just a jackass with a certificate from a 6 week course in most cases. And google, “liberty park, vestavia” and tell me if it fits the kind of community you’re talking about. It’s definitely fed by 1 high priced grocery store and 1 gas station. Also, “ross bridge”. It’s pretty much the same, but it’s newer and not worth as much overall. Local politicians buy houses in ross bridge with thier kickback money. No one knows what the people in liberty park do.

Also, the dow jones, while a long running and often cited indicator of the economy is just that, the s&p and the russell 2000 are going to give you better data from a broader sample and all that. When you see big movement in those, let me know.

I’ll look up those areas later- but a quick question- are these communities set up by land speculators, or private employers?

US and Soviet Russia did one thing similarly, and that is we both established isolated brain communities. Just US does it through private corporations. My ultimate point with Carleas Civility thread is, these businesses do this because they are trying to attract a certain kind of employee cognitively (ultimately your INTP type) who prefers non challenging circumstance, elitism but not extreme, they don’t want to be distressed seeing bad things, nor feeling guilty, so feel normal, yet secure knowing qualitatively everything is roughly equal.

These are the brain communities I speak of. Any land owner can try to mimic this, but it is only realistic as a indicator if a large business is forcing it.

It’s a mistake to presume this is what intelligence is exclusively about. It’s a aspect, but runs a deep divide, blocking some equally important kinds of thinking that is even better. Just our cognitive makeup asserts this divide.

Businesses needing safe engineers, dependable programmers, and beuracratic zombies shove these kinds of people into these communities. Notice the CEOs like, never live in these places. You need a different kind of thinker for that, one who would try to blow up said communities in a angry craze, realizing they are a bunch of entranced zombies full of shit and rather one dimensional, shallow.

I pretty much live directly between liberty park and mt laurel. Ross Bridge is just down the interstate a few exits.

Looks like Mt Laurel and Ross bridge were both set up by large companies. Drummond, Torchmark, EBSCO, US Steel, etc.

Like I’m maybe 2 miles from Shoal Creek. You know, the racist, sexist, amazing golf club that got around all the hoopla by letting Condoleeza Rice play a round.

Look out from below, be mindful of that cliff…

If only life was all about words.

You’re back already? I thought you would be on a couch smoking a bong right now watching Playboy or Hustler on television.

I’ll take this as an indication that you aren’t up for a more substantive conversation.

Is this the kind of thing someone would say to you that would hurt your feelings? Because it doesn’t make me feel a thing.

I could see you getting all sensitive and upset over being called names or something.

You’re not interested in a substantial conversation. You never are.

Did you just copy me?

speculating on debt ponzi schemes will end in tears

come on in, the water is fine and keep SWIMMING!! 8-[

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