Dr. Fauci's breakdown

Anybody catch Dr. Fauci’s breakdown on youtube? I bookmarked this youtube video last night titled something like “Dr. Fauci finally breaks down”–it was one of these court hearings charging Fauci for his role in the corona virus–and when I went to watch it this morning, it was gone. Youtube removed it. I thought, that has to mean it was incriminating evidence… but alas, I don’t get to see it.

Unless… one of you happened to download it or see it somewhere else. Anybody? Has anybody seen the video (or heard the story)? Do you have a copy? If not, can you at least explained what happened? I’m dying to know.


Is this a recent testimony? How recent?

Come on, if you had to deal with countless Trumpworld pinheads, wouldn’t you break down too?

Unless of course you are a Trumpworld pinhead.

Right Urwrong?

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this merely reflects my own hopelessly subjective personal opinion rooted in dasein. I do not claim the capacity to actually prove it objectively[/size]

Well, I saw it on youtube yesterday. Didn’t actually get to watch it since the next day (today) they pulled it down. So I don’t even know what “breaking down” means.

Careful there Biggy, you’re starting to sound like an objectivist :astonished:

I’ve seen the few times Fauci was forced to testify, usually by Rand Paul. He has been caught lying already. He is a compulsive liar, constantly giving contradictory information.

The MSM signaled that his time is up, when they publicly released his bot fly testing on dogs, which is cruelty against animals. This demonstrates that the Establishment is ready and willing to throw him under the bus, once this whole mRNA-serum “vaccine” goes sideways.

I’ve not seen him “breakdown”, yet, though. Once the Establishment decides they’re done with him, then yes, he’s going to cry like a baby.

gib i don’t think he’s been charged with anything

Not yet, but they’re trying.

For all we know, Fauci didn’t have a break down at all. You know youtube videos–more often than I like to admit, they have click bate titles that turn out to be totally misleading.

who is trying?

No it does not have to mean that at all.
It probably means you were dreaming.

Fauci breaks down:
Dec 21
Basically he says it is the dominant variant but might not be too sever as a disease.
Boosters are critical as Delta and Omicron compete.
He talks about bans and boosters.

If you can’t see it then I suggest that your own ISP has blocked it.
It might be blocked because he criticises Senator Ron Johnson, for telling lies.

You might want to ask your friendly Right Wing ISP.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Talks about boosters.

No one has accused Fauci of anything, except morons like you.

October 2019, Fauci openly incriminates himself:

tv.gab.com/channel/bianco/view/ … befef4ccbe

There’s at least Rand Paul and Jim Jordan:



Does your left wing media really keep you that sheltered? Don’t tell me you’re not able to find the videos above ^

That’s an insult and an ad hom.

rand paul and jim jordan are not serious people. they’re putting on a show for their bases. neither of them hold any authority to charge anyone with a crime