Dr What?

So a Professor of Anthropology has been brought out here by the Meat Industry to tell us how natural it is to eat meat… lots of it.

Our desire for a big thick steak is, according to the Dr., an inbuilt natural, hard-wired, instinctive desire for this the taste of blood red meat blah… blah… blah….

He doesn’t get into talking about our ancient, hard wired desire for chocolate… or chips… or cookies etc. but that’s beside the point because I only one issue with the good Dr.

Where the fuck did he get a name like Dr. Lionel Tiger? or was it Dr. Lion L. Tiger and he merged it?

Is this a joke? a send up he’s playing on us out here? I hope so because how could anyone take him seriously with a name like that?

If he’s joking then he’s gone to a bit of trouble because he has a website – anthro.rutgers.edu/faculty/tiger/ – but I just wonder if anyone has checked to see if he really is who he says he is?


as long as you don’t learn engineering from Dr. Lionel Train…


:unamused: :laughing:

My favourite name – and I love career oriented names – was the late Cardinal Sin of the Philippines.

Aww, I thought this was gonna be a sci-fi thread…

:smiley: I changed the title