Dream Sequence

Now im not saying i nescessarily believe in this but.

After a (non-head trauma) death you’re brain shows some signs of activity for aprox. 3 minutes. As well all know time is not a factor in dreams. We have all woken up one morning where it seemed as if we jsut blinked and we all have fallen asleep for 10 minutes in class and slipped into a deep dream sequence with quite the plot.

Now some would say that the physical aspect of “heaven” is simply you dreaming with in that 3 minutes. As since no external stimuli ever wake you up that three to five minutes of post-death brain activity is apparition of heaven.

Now heres where “sin” comes in

Depending on how you lived you’re life, correlates of well you’re death-dream is.

now here comes the controversy. What happens to people who live great lives but are tramatized by a few disturbing images. or the corprate slug or dictator whose casue tons of pain but never really sees the effect of it?

i geuss i jsut wanna know what u guys think.

P.S if this is true…having you’re head crushed in must suck.

Perhaps people “dream” up heaven during the 3 minutes of brain activity they have, but why do they not have normal dreams that we have every night? Why is it when at death they would have heaven or hell “dreams”? Just a thought.

well…im not saying that heaven is the dream. im just stating that this is a possibility. you’res is jsut as valid as mine

This is an interesting premise, but try twisting it around a little bit. You have already died. This experience right now is in the moments of your death. You cannot remember when you began to die. You hid that information from yourself. That frees the imagination to explore with fewer limits. Everything and everyone is a product of the imagination. Even you. You are not who you really are, you are just who you imagine you might have been, if you were given the chance.

If that imagination is strong, then you can re-imagine yourself and change yourself. If that imagination is weak then you will keep doing the same things over and over again.

There was a philosopher, I think, and I am ashamed I forgot his name at the moment, that said he looks forward to his death. Why ? Because in those 150 seconds (give or take) he could relive his whole life or live even longer than thought possible. Basically since he lives - say 40 years - in those almost 3 minutes he could live at least 1 year longer if he wanted to. Assuming one can control his dreams.

Still that might be interesting. How some people die, get brought back to life and talk about what they saw, where they’ve been. Since the brain activity and basically everything stops after those 150 seconds - it is always that period of time a doctor must resuscitate someone (I think).

This might be interesting to debate. There are moments when even with your eyes closed, all asleep, you can tell everything that goes on around the room so that might explain how they “see things after they are dead that happen in the operating room”. And because everyone has different dreams (I exclude the rare group dreams situations - although many saw a tunnel with a bright light) it might explain why not everyone sees angels or God or Heaven in their dreams and just have “their whole lives flashing before their eyes”, since they could just be reliving their lives in those 3 minutes.

yromemtnatsisrep, you might have actually started something I like for once :smiley: Still not saying it is THE theory but at the moment seems like the most likely one. Good job !

lol…only took me a gajillion crackpot theories…

but i’ve been sitting o nthis stuff for a while and i jsut found this sit so forgive me this week…im having a philosophy ejaculation

…my thats lovely