I was wondering if there’s a study about congenitally blind people able to see images in their dreams…

There are remorts of people born blind, but able to see vividly during NearDeathExperiences…


But, dreams do not give vision for born-blind.
vision.about.com/od/severevision … dreams.htm

This is largely “proof of the spirit”, in some ways…

How do you dream without that sixth sense?

Most people do. Their psionic potential is largely “off”.

Assume that everyone in the world but you has a sixth sense. Lets say, its the ability to predict when it’ll rain. In their dreams everybody has this feeling. You do not. You dream the way you do now. I would imagine it’s the same thing with a blind person. His mind plays a play for him in his head with the senses he does have.

ps. What does psionic mean?

I dont think a blind person can see images as we do when we dream ( if he has been blind since birth). He would have an idea of what things look like through touch…so i think he would remember these sensations as they relate to what he is dreaming about.