Drugs and alcohol

I’m not sure if this was being done or has been done. I noticed something similar and skimmed through it but it didn’t seem to be touching on what I wanted so I figured I’d refocus the topic on what I wanted to ask. If I’m just re-asking a question again if someone could post a link to the thread I’d appreciate it.

So why does the average ‘upstanding’ citizen find such a big problem with drugs or alcohol? I had an arguement with my friend who is an avid drug user (not abuser) who criticized me for using alcohol when its effects are more hazardous and make me lose more control than his drug of choice dxm (cough syrup). I argued that all drugs were bad regardless just to not sound like a hypocrite but still I drink none the less and I have no way of proving that dxm is a better drug or worse drug than alcohol because I refuse to try it. I would from an arguementive point of view still stick by the idea that all drugs are bad but I can’t defend that statement regardless of my position. One reason is because I’ve never done any. The second is because even if I did I don’t know what’s wrong with living in an altered state of consciousness if it’s not hurting anyone but yourself. I know there are interesting philosophical topics on why reality should be pure if anyone has information on that please add. Third there’s always the question of quality of life over quantity. Lots of drug users will say atleast I’m happy if I die early. In fact my friend would rather die in a blaze of glory (on some drug) than of old age. I find all this disturbing and frustrating to argue against to say the least. Are the warnings delivered to people based on philosophically sound reasoning or is it just a bunch of bull to make people more understandable/predictable? Or maybe more… I have no idea. My brain hurts from argueing… My other friend is trying to convince me that robbery isn’t bad. I’m starting to wonder why I bother having friends. Robbery is a little easier to defeat though regardless… morals blow.

So yea… I was hoping I’d get a response.

Hi cba1067950,

I’d probably be looking at my choice in friends :wink:

Someone once said that if they made reality better no one would take drugs :laughing:

I used drugs when I was younger and drank as well, haven’t done either for many years now. I do still smoke cigarettes though.

Depending on the drug of course, but it could become addictive and unless you have the money to purchase it then it usually leads to crime or something along those lines.

Alcohol can be okay in small amounts but again, getting in a car and driving could lead to someones death, invariably not the drunken driver. Drinking is one of the larger factors in domestic violence. If you’re a responsible drinker then I suppose a few beers won’t hurt you or anyone.

From a personal viewpoint, I like to know what I’m doing at all times. I could think of nothing worse than waking up and being told that I had killed someone in a car accident and be totally unaware of it happening.

Drugs and Alcohol are used as an escape from something, I would look closely at yourself, and your friends to see what you are trying to escape from, what fears you hold etc.,



I like the lines you are thinking on. Our intentions must be questioned.