If you’re not both highly intelligent and an extremely critical thinker, you should think twice about taking drugs.

If you can come up with a better statement about drugs, post it.

Highly intelligent AND extremely critical thinkers should not think twice about taking drugs.

“think twice”?
as in “do it without a second thought” or
as in “don´t even consider it”?
…quite different things!

the very basis of addiction is being dependent on drugs to add to an unsatified life.

Try relaxing without marajuana.
Try socializing and finding excitment without binge drinking.
Try having fun without uppers.

“But life is so much better with drugs.” You think of drugs as a life amplifier. Yet drugs make people caloused to spiritual feelings. They say addicts have the emotional maturity as the age they started doing drugs. Probably because they use drugs to control their mood.

Yet alcahol is the most perfect drug. It equally stimulates every section of the brain, by creating leaky receptors. It’s just some people use binge drinking to almost brainwash themselves into bodily extreams. They home in on certain bodily feelings that get distorted by perportions.

Stay away from meth. No questions asked.

Who said anything about an addiction of drugs?

IMO, Coffee is the perfect drug!

Drugs mess with your brain chemistry, and in excess will undoubtedly cause some kind of mental or physical damage. Both for the highly intelligent and dumb alike.

Doesn’t the type of food we eat and the drinks we drink effect our brain chemestry?

No drug is perfect. Alcahol is a depressant not a stimulant. Its also the only drug that can kill through withdrawal!!!

Addiction to any drug is bad. Be that a physical or mental addiction. But if your careful, know what your taking, don’t anything highly toxic and do it all in moderation you can have lots of FUN :smiley: !!! There are dangers. You can be responsible and take drugs(but its easyer said than done).

Giving each part of the brain the raw ingrediants needed to produce the natural process is the goal. The job of a chef is to make healthy food taste good.

Cafenee is a booster, but can be a dependent when you build a tolerance to it. All drugs you do build a tolerance to, become physically addicting, and thus effect you subconciously in reasons to need them.

Physical health is one part diet, one part exercize, and one half part order of the mind.

No perfect drug… That’s true. But as far as drugs go,… alcahol has the least negative side effects unless alcaholism takes over. But of course that requires you to do it so little you cannot build a tolerance.

I say don’t do hard drugs, except in extreme circumstances.

As for soft drugs, I’m gonna need a lot of unbiased research before I formulate an opinion. For now, I think they’re OK, but I’d proceed with caution.

Hmm, I kind of flip either way about drugs, well certain drugs. Some drugs you are just plain stupid to even try. meth, crack heroin, PCP/angeldust, most acid. but, I of have no problems with the natural drugs.

I have tried Acid so I can see why it is illegal and you should not take it. it is a very dangerous drug. Besides possible OD it is not only a hallucinagen but, it increases the mood you are in exponentially… this is incredibly dangerous. So not only are you hallucenating your mood is dictating what you see. Had a friend do a bad trip on it. Jeez that was scary. I had a great trip on it, and that was even more frightening. Under certain circumstances I can see it as recreational and medicinal.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the natural drugs. If you want to trip your life away do it. Just don’t beg for charity when you can’t provide for yourself.

What bull…just cos a drug is natural don’t mean its any more or less dangerous!

Acids a great drug! Yeah you can have a bad trip. I’ve had worse mushroom trips than acid ones though. Basically its totally subjective when it comes to pschedelics. Its about set and setting. If you think you may have a bad trip don’t take it! Also LSD isn’t toxic in the sense that you can OD and die from it(unless you took 1000 hits or somthing). You probably would go mad on a very large dose though.

I agree with the other drugs you said you’d never take though.

Personally I think drugs, with the exception psychedelics, aren’t worth it.

If you build a tolerance to drugs, then your body is physically changing to adapt to drugs. Thus no drug is good.

Marijuana is not natural when you add the chemical action of fire

Experimenting with drugs should only be done by those with a strong mental fortitude and a will to see beyond normal perception for the alien experience to be explored only in a personal or scientific manner.

You can’t actually OD on acid. You can go insane from it, but incidents of that are limiting.

Though I generally am in favor of limitations on the use of psychedelics. Back in the day I was involved in a mushroom operation and when I was talking to someone they mentioned how they ate an 1/8th (a pretty standard dosage, but certainly more than enough to make most standard activities somewhere between difficult to impossible) and then drove somewhere. Because the particular mushrooms were more potent than he was used to, he wisely pulled over when they hit, but that still stands as reason enough to oppose their wide-spread use.

It is pretty much like saying, “Dude, I downed half a bottle of snapps at the party before I drove home. But then I was like, ‘whoa’ because it was actually everclear, so I pulled over.”

What if the only place you can do mushrooms was a secure enclosure- a temple or something (anything really) where you could take mushrooms and have your own space while being monitored?

It would sure cost a shitload more!!!

As far as this overall conversation goes, I am overall quite happy with life, but I think that has little to do with my tendency not to use anything. (Except cigarettes (nicotine) 1-2 beers (mild alcohol) and coffee/pop (caffeine.)

I think the greatest contributor to my tendency not to do drugs is most likely the fact that I don’t get bored easily.

Drugs are bad.
Bad is cool.
Cool is stupid.
But pretty cool sometimes.
Therefore: Sometimes, drugs are cool.