Well, here is the kicker, as my example clearly demonstrates, the laws don’t work in terms of keeping people away from drugs: they are readily available to those who seek them out. What the law does allow, however, is coming down hard on people dumb enough to be caught with these things. That forces the culture underground and, in my experience, a culture that actively seeks something out also understands it (at least somewhat). That means they don’t do stupid shit with it.

I mean, let me level with you: I am a recidivist drunk. Honestly, I’m pretty much a worthless human being who comes home from work, gets drunk, and then wastes time on the 'net. But, I don’t drink and drive. I think people who drink and drive are pretty much the scum of the Earth, because it is 100% avoidable. But when I go out, I routinely see people drink waaaaay more than even I would (and given my tolerance, that is saying something) and then go driving. What the hell? If you want to drive, drive; if you want to drink, drink. But people are too damned stupid to let that set in.

I mistakenly figured that when people dealt with the unfamiliar, something that really kicked you on your ass, they would be smarter about it. After all, we’ve all been in that hazy spot between good-enough-to-drive and not-good-to-drive, I’m a stickler for erring on the side of not-driving but there have been times where I’ve debated it. But no, they aren’t.

If we lived in a country/area where 90+% of people used mass transit as their average means of transportation, hey man, I’d have no problem with legalizing psychedelics. But I don’t, so I’m not. Furthermore, I live in a country where mass transit is pretty much a pipe-dream, so I don’t see my position changing anytime too soon.

So what? At least it’s convienant and safe.

To me, my mushroom experiences were priceless. I’d spend 10 times what I paid for 'em.

“Boardum is a dissease worse than cancer. Drugs cure it.” -Doug Stanhope

Don’t say that!!! I am a smarter person for having had your company here.

The price is the reason why that plan would never work, the 'shrooms would still be an underground thing, as well.

I wouldn’t be so sure. I sure would go to a secure enclosure and pay a ‘high’ price for such an experience at my convienance. It beats the hell outta trying to find them and being paranoid before and during the ordeal. If the mind is calm, the trip is better- so you’d get what you pay for in this case. Of course there will still be some shrooms circulating underground as well. Kinda like perscription drugs.

I did not say they were less dangerous. LOL infact read my last sentence again… How many people go on violent killing streaks loaded up on shrooms or pot? mescaline maybe but, then again pure natural mescaline is rare just like uncut Cocaine or opium. Its when these natural drugs get cut, they become really bad.
The most dangerous part of any drug is the dependence. Without control and discretion, you become a walking vegie and the taxpayers end up paying for your care.

I would not mind seeing the legalization clean uncut natural drugs… Tax them like you do Alcohol and tobbacco. Use the tax to pay for rehab centers and care facilities. Make users sign a waiver that allows the Government and universities to study their bodies when they need to be cared for.This way drug users are funding their care for themselves. Universities can bid on getting these walking vegies to study, this too helps pay for care.

Xunzian, it seems by your rationale alcohol should be prohibited like mushrooms
Or do you see a difference between the choice of getting drunk and not driving and the choice of tripping and not driving?

What? You never heard The Rolling Stones sing "Mother’s Little Helper’? We are all on drugs. Some are legal. Some are illegal. What are the criteria for deciding which is which?

If everything were legal I wouldn´t have to scurry around like a social deviant when finding or taking drugs. The risk of getting caught is the only thing which spoils my mood - the only real inducer of paranoia.

The weakness of having these special places is that people are always going to want different surroundings, like wanting to be in a club when on ecstasy.

People will always take drugs; it´s just a shame these people must resort to a severely unregulated industry. What proportion of negative effects come from this fact alone?

Is that woman riding a bicycle? :blush: I don’t know whether to be offended or turned on. And isn’t that the crux of legal vs illegal?

Drugs are the epitome of capitalism legal and illegal…

Look at what illegal drugs are cut with in order to extend the original drug.

Cut it and it makes more so you can sell more.

Poisons and toxic Chemicals are used.

Look at legal drugs. My god they advertize that their drugs can kill you but, people still tell their doctors to prescribe it. Go figure. To cure a stuffy nose you risk death. People is stoopid.

Pharmecuticals thrive on marketing and cost cutting… we know this and yet we buy into it… Vive la free and black market!

Just looking at the 45 side-effects of my thyroid medicine–OMG!!!

Given how incredibly stupid people can be, there are times when I’m tempted to take that position. But I do think there is a difference between making something that is legal illegal and making something that is illegal legal. So, maintaining the status quo on psychedelics makes sense to me. Legalizing drugs like marijuana, however, makes perfect sense.

Did you do what many people do and tell your Doctor you want that specific drug? You don’t seem the type. So I bet you did not.

A controversial subject that I have seen around is: Are pharmecuticals creating or finding health problems in order to market drugs? New designer health problems seem to come out every year. The latest RLS. Restless Leg syndrome :unamused: WTF? Could it be that you have restless legs because you sit on your butt all day? Noooo, it must be a real syndrome that requires a druggy cure. Watch the commercials and check out the side effects. It is ridiculous. We buy into these designer health issues, I guess its a keep up with the Joneses thing.

I don’t know but, I would bet lawyers are tied in some how… look at all the class action suits against pharmecuticals.

Amen. Now, didn’t our government have to admit that use of Peyote (mescalin) in Am. Native religious ceremonies is legal? It’s been operative for 1,000 years! So have opium dens. LSD, crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines, these are bastardizations of natural substances as Kriswest noted. Is a good cowshit mushroom acceptable?

I don’t think there is any doubt that the line between pharmaceutical company and snake-oil company has been becoming blurred for quite some time now.

In my case I had an overactive thyroid gland. It had started generating goiters. My doctor nuked the gland and prescribed a drug replacement for what the gland was supposed to do.

If you don´t know whether she´s experiencing pleasure or pain, it shouldn´t matter what you feel. Even if you did, what´s the harm in a thought which doesn´t cause an action?

Here´s a clever vid comparing drug dealers with pharmaceutical companies: