Because the freedom of two people to make a deal where both get what they want is something that no war can ever stop.

But that might be a good thing. I can just imagine getting stoned and voluntarily trading my car for a few pounds of hydro.

The more you say no… the more a person wants to know.

The more the person thinks he knows, the more he thinks nothing can happen bad to him or her.

Just look at wear condoms campaign by governments. STD and abortions still persists.

Well dare sucks ass, my dad worked at a drug clinic and he even says alot of the stuff dare says is bullshit

Not to mention the government isn’t that greatly loved by the people… I’m thankful for the rights we sort of have but its like someone you disrespect telling you not to do something, you just want to do it more.

For the same reason that prohibition failed.

When you make somthhing illegal you create a black market for the product, it becomes widely available for children, teens, and adults. (as in theres no regulationto see who gets what and for how much) this also means they become regulated by criminals.

If you ban somthing which has a demand, the demand won’t dissapear, criminals will move in to fill distribution gaps. Since the war on drugs started, cocaine(maybe it was heroine) is brutally, brutally brutally cheap in comparison to what it was, brutally brutally pure, and available to children.

just doesn’t work, people step in to fill the supply, the demand doesn’t vanish.

let us bask in South Park’s wisdom


Coz u Kids just love to rebel.

Seriously I think theres alot in that, that and teenagers want to be having a good time. I did it, it was great, but dont get into the hard drugs, and dont let it take over your adult life, thats when it becomes a problem