Taking drugs is like cleaning an LCD moniter with your finger: the more you do, the more you see.

Like… Revelation pills?

Check with morpheus.

One of the strangest things that I ever did was take LSD maybe every other day for about 3 or 4 years between the ages of 17 and 21. I wasn’t in high school, I wasn’t in college, and I just went about doing normal things, just happening to be completely zooted almost all the time. I think it made me smarter.

I think LSD does make you smarter in some ways, and to a point.

I wish I had some.

I used to get people, when I was a kid, to send it to me in the mail. Sometimes I have a friend I’ve known since I was 15 who’s only been out of jail for two years in the last fourteen, we used to send him letters, and put a hit or two of paper under the stamp, carefully licking just the edge so the acid didn’t get wet.

When I was 17, you could just get it in school. By the time I got out of college, it was about 1981, and already getting a little moe difficult to get. You know, everyone was doing blow, then.

Mushrooms just don’t do it for me. Here in Miane, it’s almost unheard of, now. I hear rumors from UMaine Orono, but rumors is as close as i get.

Sucks to get old.

The stuff does expand you perspective, though, which is cool for a perspectivist.

Twit. LSD can do a lot to help you become all-aware.

I used to buy small bottles, about a hundred drops five at a time for 600-700 bucks altogether. Now the best I can do is 10-15 a hit for paper or gel. Fucking sucks man.


That may be a slight exaggeration.

Although nothing beats looking at a mirror while tripping and seeing Satan.

I’m not talking about whilst you’re on LSD; being all-aware is not a drug effect, it’s a product of enlightenment. I may as well have said that LSD can do a lot to help you become enlightened.

PS Smears, have you ever been knowd wrong?

The glorification of illicit drugs seems to nullify any argument that they should be readily available and legal.

Why do people think that drugs are “cool”?

My thoughts are that if drugs were legal, like say beer and cigarettes, then there would be less subculture hype.

Now, I do not believe that all drugs are bad…but those manufactured and/or designed by man should be avoided at all costs IMHO.

Why the unnatural/natural divide? Both aspirin and salicylic acid will alleviate pain, but salicylic acid will also make your stomach bleed whereas aspirin won’t. If you don’t want to talk reductionist, consider that ergot has a better chance of killing you than making you trip but LSD will cause vivid hallucinations and is quite safe. Amphetamine causes significantly less brain damage than cocaine. But by the same token, 2CB causes significantly more brain damage than mescaline.

There is no intrinsic superiority to one method over the other.

Illegal man-made drugs to not come from the same environment as aspirin though. Coke for example will get mixed with all sorts of shit, used engine oil for example…

shrugs That is a problem of sourcing. And coke is a natural drug, just one that has been purified. And that is a different story entirely and something that can’t be controlled for. If your source is sufficiently sketchy, marijuana can be laced with PCP. Buy from good people and that shouldn’t be a problem, or at least a sufficiently small problem as to be not worth worrying about.

You can get PCP-laced weed? Even I’d smoke that weed.

Yes you can. On top of that, I used to love to smoke a fatty then snort a line of ketamine. I don’t think my body could take that stuff anymore.

Never done K but went through several bottles of pure ether back in the day. Was quite a lot of fun, to be honest- shits all over amyl.

Too much ketamine is probably the closest I’ve ever come to death. And yes, I’ve been knowd wrong.