This is the science of dying. Of death and the sneezing end of it all. And this is a concrete science as it is the final fact of each empirical reality and that makes for the sciences we have. They are all based on death and the unliving. Because science studies the unchanging truth it can only conclude death.

Science is Dyology. The life that once was is transmuted into quiet death by the belief in the unchanging and disbelief in the truths of living tissue, the solar reactions in all us that underly science.

Complete knowledge is NOT death.
But endlessly refusing it is endless death.

Complete knowledge has only a eenie weenie bit to do with science. Science is just a little neat trick, not significant knowledge. Only some basic technologies are useful like fire, but you dont even have to scientifically know how it works.
No child has any use for science and neither has any man. It’s only for the very most weakest of humans to need to build some aberrations to nature to kill nature so that some ignorant weakling becomes king… over a wasteland of death.

But thats all so negative, let us examine Dyology in a more positive light and look at the science that is the opposite of this, the knowledge of living. No no ladies that is not ‘lose 80 percent bodyfat by eating this banana fruitcake’ and no no fellers it is not ‘increase your dick by ten inches by squeezing it up your own bumhole’. No I do not read ladies or gentlemens magazines, I study the way human beings interact and especially, how I experience the life I have been given.

I come to the conclusion that our world only or mainly supports death or something so close to it that life has been made invisible and I can not see it! Only in small children and old men! And animals, but these are usually very tame. Life is wild and death is tame. Science is made to tame life and thus is had to become death and that is what it became and now we are all worshipping death, except me of course and the few dudes around&about who see the science for what it is.

Living-ology - Lifology, what the ever you call it, this is the art of the virgin bliss, which has not even been invented because no one believes science has an counterpode let alone one that holds much much more power. Yea science is for slaves. I deserve a better teaching.

There’s lots of useful technology that doesn’t involve screwing nature up.

Sustainable energy harvesting, an example.

To me, science is a tool. That’s it.

Some use it for bullshit, others use it for decent applications.