Easier life: Atheists or Christians

Who do you believe has it better atheists or Christians, and why?

Being an atheist:
Pros: 1. no fear of hell 2. really can do whatever one feels like, if one can get away without worldly consequences 3. no guilt
Cons: 1. fear of death 2. existential angst 3. search for meaning

Being a Christian:
pros and cons are opposites of the above generally.

To me it seems that feeling secure about the afterlife is well worth a life in God’s service. But I have heard arguments to the contrary… that is that being a Christian is a harder life. What say you?

Honestly, it’s a person to person type of thing. Being an atheist doesn’t mean being a sociopath, they feel guilt, and many of them don’t fear death. I’ve also never met a Christian not looking for meaning.

I’m an agnostic, leaning towards there being a God.

And your point is true and well taken, I was not trying to overgeneralize. But still… there is merit to my stipulations I believe.

sigh #-o

I say there too many other valid factors and your question is too unspecific.

Well what are the other factors Oni? I did not say my list was exhaustive, merely trying to start the debate.

Ok, by easier I mean who has it easier in a spiritual sense, although that may not be the right way of putting it…

Interesting, i was going to post something similar myself but you beat me to it.
As a non believer it’s hard to escape the hard reality you’re constantly faced with-that this is all meaningless and pointless, how can one not have that effect ones existence?
As for non believers having no guilt, i’m afraid that’s not true-there maybe many nihilists on this site who might like to claim they don’t do ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’, but brought up in our western culture do you really believe that’s true?, i’m always feeling guilty, recognising there’s no point in feeling that way, but it’s hard to kick the habit.
Oh and death, of course we’re always being reminded ‘it’s not actually an event in life’, but do you really think that makes the smug bastards feel any better?
Were all shit scared, but having God on your side makes the shit more palatable…if you know what i mean.

Do you really fear hell? surely god will forgive you, he is all loving isn’t he?

Who has it easier? Neither. Why would one have it easier over another. Each has their own way of thinking. Each faces decisions each day and at the end of it hopes they did the best they could. Each looks for love in some sense. Each looks for some type of goal in their life. Each looks for direction.

I know both, some good views on life, some I question.

Christians have it so much easier. They can blindly follow their Bible and biblical teachings, feeling no worry or despair.

And I disagree that atheists don’t feel guilty. I think they (generally speaking) feel a lot of guilt because they realize that all they have is this life, so it is important to try and make it right.

Of course it all depends on the person, but that is my 2 cents.

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Now why do you think Christians in general follow blindly? No worry or despair? Do they just sit in little perfect houses and have perfect kids and live perfect lives?

There is death, financial difficulties, sickness, children, jobs just as anyone else. Do they just skip around and ‘Dont worry…be happy?’

My pros and cons are slightly different.
Atheist: Pros: 1.Feel spirituality without guilt. 2 No need to fear ‘god’s wrath’ so a healthier life (less stress) 3. More time to do other things (no need for prayer or ceremony.) 4. Self-Reliance (thank you Emerson)

Cons: A small degree of uncertainty of god

With any problem, all you have to do is say/think is that “god wanted it this way” and all of your problems are fixed.

Religions are made in order to create stability in people’s lives. The masses need stability and have continued to make them(religions) so that they do not have to be plagued with the fact that there is no meaning to life and the fact that one day they will die.

Do they have hard times? Sure, but they use religion to pretend like these problems were meant to be.

A god is born. Others die. What never came
Nor went was Truth. Error changed all themore.
Our new Eternity is not the same.
The best is always what has gone before.
Blind, Knowledge labors at the barren ground.
Crazy, Faith lives the dream of its own cult.
A newborn god is just a new word’s sound.
Seek not then, nor believe. All is occult.
Christmas- Fernando Pessoa

This is a fact?

What an odd question.

Personally, I can’t imagine how we could measure ‘who has it better’ based strictly on a persons identification with theism/atheism.

But fwiw, the idea of a god that loves me is not a bad idea by any means.

:astonished: Do wha?! You can Say God wanted it this way, but it doesnt mean anything in life had declared that the truth.

If you mean that wars have been fought in the name of God. It is not a God that calls these…it is man. Churches and politics. Churches have ruled by fear since they began. If you dont listen you will burn in hell forever! Yeah right. Guilt…guilt…guilt. No one is as good as my mother was believe me. Hell I could blame all my problems on my mother…doesnt make it so.

How do you know that LIFE has not given you hard time to learn from? be it a God or not. Have you ever thought I really need to learn patience. And Life hands you lesson after lesson on learning patience.

Reality is not democratic. It is not right that people should just “look at the options and see which one works best for them.” It should be about which makes the most sense. Or better yet, which makes the least non-sense.

Yes, I think that is it right there. Which one makes the least non-sense. Atheism makes no non-sense. Nor does it attempt to make good-sense. It is simply the state of being of a person who has not accepted theism. If a self proclaimed atheist says they have the answer, then that person is no longer a plain old atheist. Acknowledging one’s atheism is just a stepping stone. Figuring out what to do with your life is different.

So my answer would depend on the definition of “has it better.” If ignorance really is bliss, then Christians (and all other theists) have it better. If embracing this one life as entirely precious, and embracing the power of the human mind, and attempting to figure out the universe scientifically with critical thinking and skepticism are all good things then atheists have it better. Theists may attempt to use the scientific method (lamely at best) but the key is whether or not your experiments are designed to test things that are present, real, detectable, verifiable, measurable, and just down right real. Oh and then you have to be able to accept that the info you had at first just might have to be changed or thrown out in the presence of new and better data.

Airex, what would happen them if they found out after all that there just is a higher power? Would they then become Ignorantly bliss? I dont think people are ignorant on either side.

Quite to the contrary, you have a purpose. You must needs feed the beast, the DNA machine, the genetic impetus.

You exist, with direct purpose, to give positive advantage to the next generation through resource superiority and genetic amelioration.

Your offspring are the guarantee of your immortality.

What about children who die during birth? If there is a god, he either has no control over the world he has created, has no humanity, or he does not exist-- (I guess then there wouldn’t be a god.)

I have no problem with theists, but I think they blindly follow their religions, looking for stability in their lives-- a superficial stability that is created to make people not have to face the meaningless world and the fact that they will one day die and 10,000 years from now their lives will mean absolutely nothing. (Read The Denial Of Death by Ernest Becker.)

Of course, the fact that our lives are meaningless is not a fact. So therefore I guess I am being ignorant in my own way.

I just think it’s funny how people will go to war over something as unprovable as religion. And I find it funny that people say “god made it this way” whenever the history of the world is wars, genocide, murder, disease, children dying, children never being born, etc.

You need to read some good books about how to get past guilt and eventually to how one can be at peace without god and still feel spiritual. Life is what you make of it and can be viewed as fulfilling if one has that frame of mind. I often think about how small each of us really is in the greater scheme of things, but one has to look for those moments of happiness etc…that keep one wanting more from this ever changing short life we do have.

Kick the habit of feeling negative about yourself fast! Enjoy life for what it’s worth. Don’t make god(as in the god fearing traditional god) the center of your life or you will be a slave to these feelings of guilt shame etc.

Ask yourself when caught in the moment of guilt “why am i feeling guilty” once you reason through your irrational feeling of guilt it will disappear and you will be free to live!

All of the atheists I know are known as theists these days.