Easier life: Atheists or Christians

Both Atheist and Christians are burdened by the same ideological shackles.

its harder being a Christian. to actually be a decent Christian, it takes a lot of effort, it aint no fuckin stroll in the park. You gotta stop all your sinning, which is hard let me tell you. You secretly feel jealous of others? you care about material things? you think you’re better than others? you jack off? you just wanna be rich? Then you aren’t being a very good Christian. You drop everything and follow Jesus. You pray for your enemies.

But, it’s also good. You fear no man, you end up becoming the best you can become and happy too, and after death you kickin it in heaven with God in eternal bliss. Cause God’s got your back.

What about an atheist? An atheist can do whatever the fuck he wants, he knows aint nothin gonna happen when he dies, so alls he got is this one shot at life, the toughness of the atheist life is relative to the atheist. I know some atheists who have a hell of a time when someone they are close to dies, cause yknow, this person is dead, he aint conscious, it really makes everything seem worthless.

I don’t know where to begin with this… It’s a good satirical piece if that was it’s intention which it isn’t…

Well I don’t know about all the atheists in the world, but I do know that a good bit of them (including myself) would have a few questions. I am reminded of an episode of South Park (“Do handicapped people go to hell?”). There’s all these people down in hell, complaining that they were devout Christians and what not, then the guy on the stage says

I think a common misconception that theists have toward atheists is that they think that atheists would not accept a god if it were to come down in front of their faces. Maybe it’s just me, but if something or someone were to physically present itself to me, to actually be there, in the present, really and truly I’d have no choice but to accept it’s existence (aka, “believe”). Since this hasn’t happened yet, and since its all just speculation i’m inclined to think that it’s all made up.

So all I would have to do, is believe that Jesus exists in order for my acquaintance’s death to NOT make things worthless? If everything really was worthless I would think that suicide would be more popular than it is. What about natural animal instincts, like the one where the animal has this unexplained urge to be and stay alive (you are an animal too by the way)? What about family? What about art? What about curiosity? What about nature (the natural kind)? What about making this world right for the next generation? Does the worth in all these things require being a good Christian? If you think so, then also think about this: I am not a Christian nor any sort of theist, AND I find worth in all those things and more. Explain that one.

Well said. That goes for me too.

It´s all more fragile for the atheist and thus valuable.

Hey man, I’m just talking about real life situations, you can’t argue with that. I never said anything about feeling happiness only by being a Christian, thats you talkin. I said it’s relative to the atheist. And the worth you find in life, if looked into, is what? All will die and never be conscious again, the human race is what? the human race is a successful parasite, feeding off the resources of the earth? If I was an atheist, my family wouldn’t mean much to me, what’s my family? My parents were douches, I never asked to be born, and on the scale of time it doesn’t even matter either way, if I was never born it would’ve been the same if I had been because when death comes all is forgotten anyway, who cares if I feel good now? It’s comparing a blip of happiness to an eternity of nothingness. All of my motivations to survive are selfish, cmon man this is ayn rand stuff basic atheist preaching.

But yes, as a Christian, I feel only TRUE happiness will only be found with God, that’s my faith, it’s what I believe. All other happiness is shallow and short lived in comparison. It’s just what I believe.

What? I talk in a straight forward manner, what can I say?

well, not necessarily, Christian’s only got this life too on earth, the difference is they are either going to heaven or hell at the end of it. At least an atheist doesn’t have that to worry about that.

What does “true happiness” even mean? What are you basing your faith on? Honestly do you think that if it turned out that God were non-existent that the happiness in you would fade away? Or would you still continue to believe in him because it makes you feel warm inside? You’re setting yourself up on a pillar with your arrogance towards sources of happiness

  1. What incentive does a Christian have for cherishing the physical world if soon they will be in heaven (or hell, but either way they won’t be on earth)? Why would a Christian give a shit about anything (especially if they “give it all to Jesus”) if they don’t need, nor will have it anyway, in the afterlife?

  2. Why do Christians think that lack of god necessarily leads to anarchy in life, family or country? Can anyone name a true atheist that behaves in ways unbecoming of a moral human being and citizen because of their atheism? “I’m not responsible to any god, so I think I’ll go rape babies, steal money, and kill anyone I please”. Give me a break.

Your fallacy here is that you are assuming that theism = good parents and atheism = bad parents. My parents are theists. They are extremely good people and excellent parents. I am not a theist. I love my family very much. Stop trying to analogize the situation with analogies that are specially tailored to your perspective.

Hey, Michael Joseph, this is off tangent, but what is your avatar a picture of? it seems familiar… is that a Hendrix album cover?

Also, I’m glad to see my thread has sparked an interesting discussion. Personally, I have to say that it seems to me pretty clear that most Christians lead a much less stressful life and are generally happier than most atheists. I think there have actually been psychological studies to prove that.

It seems that believing in an afterlife, and an overall purpose of “living like jesus”/leading a moral life/converting others to see “the light” etc… is easier than trying to justify non-existence after a life full of struggle and search for meaning.

To me, it seems the only way it would be more difficult to be Christian is if one believed in hell (which seems a lot worse than non-existence), and believed that faith in Jesus, by itself, was not enough to be saved. However, since those who believe in Jesus are supposedly going to Heaven, I can only be hope to find the kind of spiritual peace that a true believer must feel.

:astonished: Micheal Joesph are you saying that if you ‘jack off’ as you called it, you are sinning?

You bring up some good points. I’m not sure he’ll respond to them with this logic because it would shake his foundation of faith.

I believe he is…sounds sexually repressive and unhealthy.


And yet, Christians do cherish the world. Do you think that because Christians have an abstract idea of an ideal afterlife, that they therefore don’t appreciate beauty or sublime complexity in this world? If a Christian sees a beautiful sunset, do you honestly believe that their thoughts would be something like “Well this sunset is beautiful, but heaven will be even more so, so I won’t value this at all”?

Actually the topic asks who has the easier life, and now you ask who has it better. I’m not sure that they’re the same thing.

Anything done well is hard to accomplish, whether it is a Christian life or a secular one. But I guess only the Christian life has to be done well. And in a sense, from the Christian point of view, only the Christian life is done well.

Off subject, but… Isn’t it frustrating to masterbate? I mean, I’ve never heard of some being happy after doing it; it’s always more like they were overcome by their passions and turned in on themselves. That does not sound like the road to virtue and happiness. Even more repressive and unhealthy.

I never said that Christians do not cherish things in the world. I am pointing out that it seems odd that they attack atheists with “oh you don’t have a care in the world because you’re only responsible for yourself blah blah blah” when really it would make more sense for the atheist to cherish the world more than the Christian because the world doesn’t exist in heaven so why care about it?

Cherishing the world is a good thing. My question is why do “true Christians” or any other afterlife-ists bother with cherishing the world? Is it because you’re god said that you should?? Or is it because it is genuinely cherishable?

So is the only right way to have an orgasm if someone else does it for you? I love orgasms. It might be a weird fetish, but yeah, orgasms are fuckin’ awesome.

“Orgasms: Only if someone else does it for you. Oh and only if you’re married too. Otherwise it’s shallow, immoral, and it’s gross.”

Who gives a shit if you masturbate? What if you are single? It’s your body. Do what you want and don’t look down on those who do what they want.

The issue is not social control, as you might think. The issue is acting – in your own best intrerest – according to human nature, which is virtue, which is morality, which is happiness.

As for Christians and natural beauty, the latter draws many of the former to God. It’s awful to think a religious person would not appreciate beauty.

:astonished: Turning your passions on yourself? Would it be better to walk around and smack people? How about sleeping with anyone and everyone. Oh and listen…shhh it doesn’t make you go blind either. It is a release of energy is all. It releases a chemical in your body called epinephrine. It has also been shown to help and prevent depression, prostate cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure, and sexual transmitted diseases.

The body is a work of art. Nothing to be ashamed of. It is however to be respected. Masturbation is not a sin nor morally wrong.

So actually is is very healthy.


I think it’s fairly obvious that everybody has an innate ability to recognise beauty and appreciate certain kinds of complexity. Christians and atheists would differ on the source of this innate ability i.e. God given or evolutionarily derived, respectively. Therefore the world is genuinely cherisable to atheists and theists alike, to question that Christians only cherish the world because “God told them to” (not even sure where that is mentioned in religious texts, perhaps you could enlighten me) is a very linear view of the matter.

Again, just because theists generally believe in an afterlife that is abstractly superior to our current life doesn’t mean that they can’t cherish the world they live in, as that is the only world they truly “know” anyway. To question why do “true Christians” cherish the world because of their idea of an ideal afterlife, is like asking a person who is eating an off the shelf chocolate why they are cherishing its taste when they know that there are better tasting chocolates in existence.