ecosystems/non-native plants

are non-native plants that enter an ecosystem a problem, or is it just ecosystem evolution ? I know dutch elm dissease is a prob, =but what about plants? if I had 10 plants, some from a jungle, some from europe…ect…and planted them in a u.s. forest , would it realy be posible for them to spread and take over the ecosystem?, if not, how do non native plants get situated, and spread?

it depends on the ability of the plants to survive… if you plant a water lilly in a desert, it will fail…

why limit your question to plants?

what was humanity’s first use of biological warfare?


why limit to plants? because it is easier than using humans.
why did Mendel use peas and not cats?

There are countless examples of non-native species of both plants and animals that have succeeded in finding new habitats - usually at the expense of native species. With world trade growing at ever-increasing rates, the movement of plants and animals across the face of the planet will only increase.

The negative aspect of this is when a species moves to a new survivable environment in which it has no natural enemies. Man and his activities has deliberately and accidently made it possible for many species of plants and animals to avoid natural checks and balances. It’s a growing problem, and one that seems almost unsolvable.