election is less than 48 hours: here what to look for

As we are less then 48 hours from the election, I will point out
what you need to look for and that is 3 states…
Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania… that is all you have to look at.
Trump cannot win without Fla and it is as simple as that…whereas
Clinton can win without Fla…
Whoever wins two out of these three states will most likely win the election.

So I am predicting a Clinton victory and the Dems will win the senate and
gain ground in the house but not win the house…

Clinton will get roughly 330 EV and have the senate, 51 to 49
and gain 20 to 30 seats in the house… It will be a clear and
not in doubt victory… I suspect the race will be over early…
they will call a Clinton victory by 11:00 EST…Which in California
is pretty early, so I will know by 8:00 PM…So watch those three states…


Now, Krop- here is a hypo, which may differ from the intention of your forum, but since it has been pointed out that Trumpet is very adept at playing by the rules of the paranoid process, it may be very likely, that Clinton will prevail for the following:

He never intended to win, because he is a shell. Here is
a supposition, that he plays an inverse game, to litmus
test the survival of capital on a world stage. He is really
not liquid, says Mr. Cuban of Shark Tank fame, in fact he has been allowed not to implode by the
banks, who hold him privy for chapter 11 Bankruptsy,

as more an asset alive(metaphorically) ((or otherwise)), to sell commercial real estate, and use the logo Trump as a sales bonus. Had it not been for

the banks’ thoughtfulness, all of his personal wealth
would have been attached as well.

So why Rabbitt Run? Because his main interest is in self
promotion anyhow, he is more of a successful as a reality
star, because his hyporbolie must match reality.

His ghost writer of desk making makes this charge, who incidentally says that if Trumpo were to win,he would

disappear to someplace overseas. The shell theory can be clearly seen on his video-biography on CNN, who claim that he was always like ‘that’

The implications are foundemental in an age of unreason, and post structural semiotics. Very fitting, but
entirely innocent, even as a reality show at least, or a profound consequentilism at most.

validation is another factor to consider, and this whole play within a much deeper level game, rests with profound implications of geopolitical value.

Touch of Bilderberg?

So the charge that Trump was unable to play on the Paranoid process successfully ,is totally credible.
He is more than, in fact, credible, he is incredible.

Sign of the times.

If in fact, if he were to be elected, the banks would call upon him to surrender his soul.

Latest average poll results as of 46 hours before election: Trump 1% ahead of Clinton in a National poll.

K: well, we will know in about 48 hours…


No matter who wins, I can guarantee that in a year, you will not
be able in the entire United States, find one person who will
admit to voting for Herr Trumpf…
Not one…


But really, if that’s the case, the political machine can deal with the major mistakes of the inavoidable effects of his character. But it is uncertain, that in case there is an impeachable act, he for surely not go as quietly as Nixon did.

This thought is very sobering, on the other hand, I think he may be silently bribing going on, because I believe he is fighting for his life. He can not afford to loose, the reversibility of the sqeeze which his debtor bankers have on him may be a very real threat to him.

Your view is, nevertheless totally true, and there are masses of thinkers who would be waiting in line to say, ‘I told you so.’

However, K, his views are very welcome to those who believe that a strong unassailable man, such as Trump is, is exactly what this horribly confused electorate feels. They base their judgements on the level of the gut, and there would be some sense in t
his, if he were not guilty of major economic miscalculations such as those associated with the Taj Mahal, then it would be comforting to think his business sense is sound. But history proves otherwise.

The way I see it, society is a bunch of unenlightened idiots that refuse to vote for Green Party.

They are simply a bunch of apes and baboons. They are compelled by the binary duality and the need to pit tribe against tribe. They do not value their lives, they only value the game.

Ok, after doing some math, if Clinton is winning 190 EV before the end of the
California voting, she wins… because the west coast will give her 74 votes and I
am assuming NV will go to Clinton and so that means at 190 EV by the time it comes
to Texas, she has won… so simply pay attention to the math, when they say, before reaching
the west coast, she has 190 EV, she has already won…


K:as usual, adding nothing to the discourse…
full of sound and fury…you know the rest…