embarassing moments

I’m not actually that interested, I just wanted to use :blush: this icon, but I suppose I might as well ask now: most embarassing moments?

I have well publicised mine as it was quite recent. I was wearing a rather tight pair of jeans with a popper fastening, and I tripped over on the bus. Not only did I pour everything out of my bag - pantyliners and tampons included - but the jeans sprang open. Eventually I had to lean over to pick everything up, and my trousers fell down revealing a big pink thong with "FRIDAY! written all over it (it was, at least, Friday) and, of course, my rear end. Great. The whole bus saw my ass, and it took me ages to pick everything up because it all rolled down the aisle, and I couldn’t get the jeans to do up. Still, its amusing to look back.

well… i cant say ive ever shown anyone my pink thong or spilled my tampons all over the bus.

seeing as im a guy, thats probably for the best.

i think i can quite safely say that my most embaressing moments have been whilst under the influence of a great deal of alcohol… which means i cant rmember them, which is also probably for the best.

two main ones, :blush: both strangely involving alcohol and females.

  1. i was meeting this girl i’d been chansing for about 6 months, and was finally getting somewhere, at a party. so to steady my nerves i went to the pub with a friends (met more people there). anyway we realised we were a bit early (about 5pm, party didn’t start till about 8 and we didn’t want to get there till at least 9 - it was a 5 min walk from the pub). so with alot of time and money to kill we started to drink. and drink. and drink. then we thought it would be funny to spike our own pints. anyway we arrived at the party at about 11:15 after being thrown out of the pub for being total out of it. we got to the party, where i felt a bit sick, so i threw up in a pint glass, then drank it. in front of the afformentioned girl. then proceeded to make a twat of myself for about the next 2 hours before passing out. i spent something like £50 on alcohol, and was still cained at work the next day. not the best of dates, suffice to say i didn’t get any loving.

  2. while quite drunk at a gig, i was there with my then girlfriend, i was talking to her and her friends, anyway she and one of her friends took my glasses to wear so i couldn’t see anything/was pissed. so after abit i couldn’t tell who was who. the long and the short, i ended up getting off with one of her friends thinking it was her. luckily she understood.


alcohol is bad.

Alcohol is so very very bad…

mine? maybe doors… walking into them…

in the middle of clubs? while trying to look cool?

i can’t think of any blindingly obvious examples of embarassing moments. i generally make a tit of myself in front of people i fancy as a rule.

hooch. in particular the incident in year ten with the aforementioned drink and alex saville. :blush:

heh. i did that the other day for a whole afternoon. terry, ray… easy mistake to make

My Boyfriend in a mall decided to embarrass me by pretending to proclaim that he is gay and that I should accept it.

Most embarrassing moment was …Nope never cared enough to be too embarassed and I was always lucky enough to find a plausable excuse for stupidity. Thus saving my butt from horrible catastrophic moments.

Closest was being caught at being pregnant by my father’s Blue blood family, when I walked down the aisle dressed in a white wedding gown and looking like I had a watermelon stuffed up the dress. Now that was a tad embarassing because, I let my dad down ,his family was snobbish. But, he being the best father ever, proudly walked me down the aisle, made me choke with pride and tears at being his daughter. It was all a bit embarrassing. The memory of his warm kiss, hug and smile still makes my world light up and still brings a sadness.

I was fucked up one day and my ex girlfriend wanted me to send her a cell phone video of myself masturbating. I shot the video then sent it. The next morning I got a text message back from the secretary at my job (a 50 year old lady) telling me that I sent it to the wrong number. Her name and my ex’s name were right next to each other in my phone because they both started with M. She never said anything else about it, but I still see her almost every day.

You win Scott, Hands down. =D> =D>

I swear that’s totally true. No b.s.

Don’t know if this lives up to scotts… But my brother came in when I was with all my friends, including many cute girls, and asked what “small tits, and schoolgirl” was doing on my computer.

i passed out after 2 shots of gin 2 shots of tequila, 2 of rum, 2 of whiskey…fell on my head n woke up the next morning in my bed…that was emberrasing!

What sort of a request is that?? lol

(Re Nicola’s scene, much as I feel for her, I secretly wish I’d been on that bus!)

I date some freaky women.

Ahh thats not freaky. Sending it to the secratary is freaky. I must say, you need to send her flowers, she obviously has a lot of class if she has not made your name mud in the office. Dude, now that is a lady.

She’s just a secretary. Jeez!!!

Somehow me getting SAUCED and me (half-naked) telling some random stipper (who evidently had syphillus, which I knew at the time) that I wanted to fight her naked on the couch in my friends living room while about a half dozen people watched seem like nothing. Truly you are a king amongst men, as long as you keep it in your pants.

And yeah, I blacked out. I got tested anyway (CLEAN) but I had a mark on my chest that looked too much like a lipstick hickey to be nothing. It seemed all to strange, I blacked out and no one has ever mentioned what happened for the 30 unexplained minutes.