emoticons extremely annoying

whenever i type in a reply i always have to readjust my window so that i don’t see those annoying smiley faces on the right hand side of my screen bouncing up and down. moreover they dance around and are extremely distracting. it is very hard to concentrate with such a huge section of the screen moving.

For many people, smilies help with communicating the tone - the emotional content - of a post. If tone doesn’t matter to you, surely you’re also capable of not being distracted and irritated by a little color and motion?

My biggest beef with the smilies is that at some point in the last couple years they changed in look. The basic pleasant smile looks distinctly forced these days, and the laughing face looks mean and sarcastic.

Methinks anon, that you are reading too much into Mr. Smilie.

Methinks so as well. But there it is. I can’t help it.

I am only against moving emoticons: they’re ignoble. But I think emoticons can make up a bit for the lack of body language and tone of voice in written texts.

And yet you are clearly not averse to using them… a bit of comic ignoble relief amid all that nobility, obviously. (picture a sarcastic and moving but immoveable emoticon here to represent the risibility factor at ILP, a constant source of amusement)

I am averse to using moving emoticons. Go figure.

Is an online forum, being populated by cognizant beings but not itself cognizant, even capable of taking itself seriously?

But more importantly, why would anyone want to take themself seriously, anyway?

Lol. Remember this one? :laughing: And this one? [-X Among others?

So, what… is there something “noble” in doing something you are averse to?

i don’t have anything against people using emoticons it’s just that whenever i write a reply a huge section of my screen is bouncing up and down and it’s very distracting. This is because a huge section of the window is devoted to these moving emoticons.

You need to use adblock, which is available on the Firefox browser.

That’s how the sites support themselves, I think. Those jumpy wiggly emoticons are annoying, though; they interfere with reading… so adblock is very useful in that respect, I must say.

Yeah, I have my browser (SeaMonkey) set to stop any .gif image from playing through more than once, so they don’t bounce a lot for me.

I think the population will split between people who want the smilies on the posting page for convenience, and those who want them gone because they’re annoying. If you use them, it’s great to have them there. If you don’t, they’re an unnecessary annoyance.

I’m willing to be swayed. Maybe there’s a happy medium of basic smilies that should be put on the main page, and moving smilies can be moved into the “View more smilies” window.

What do you think of Carleas idea about fixing the smiley window so the moving ones don’t show? I kind of like it.

yea, a drop down smiley box would be great.

I don’t know how to do a drop down. I can check around on the phpBB forums to see if anyone else has tried it. The only potential downside is that (I think) all the smileys would load upon opening the posting page. That could cause performance issues for people with slow connections. I’ll look into it.

In the meantime, what would people say to having these smileys on the main page, with all other smileys moved to the pop-out “View more smilies” window:

:smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :frowning: :open_mouth: :icon-wink: :evilfun: :angry: :confused::banana-dance:

Smileys are useful for conveying intent and tone beyond language. It may be irritating,to have to resort to smilies, but so is the internet irritating. The virtual world is… well, virtual and smilies attempt to supply some of what RL gives us without thought. Leave it alone. Sure, some people will abuse the use of smilies, but some of the crap people post is just as irritating and they may not use smilies at all. :unamused: