If emotions are solely a function of the brain why is it that we feel the strongest ones penetrate right though our upper-body uncontrollably, is this your soul blossoming… or just a rush of blood and adrenaline.

Well, technically even the pain we feel when we stub our toe is ‘in the brain’, if you want think of it that way, right?

i do not think one can use the soul as an example of an emotion.
as religious standpoint the soul is an entity, source of energy or identity.

Emotion is a reaction created in the human brain by a factor outside of a body. which can be stress, physical presence or pressure of some foreign body.

and adrenaline really has nothing to do with an emotion…its a chemical that causes a reaction in order for the body to survive…increase your energy so that you react to something. it is not an emotion. it is a survival instinct.

which is also why it is uncontrollable…it happens naturally.