How does your job relate to your personal philosophy? Any corellation?

I work at Schlotzsky’s Deli for $7 an hour. My parents pay my tuition now, so I can’t rationalize labor for education. I’m just saving money for travel. Nothing like experience to learn from.

I guess I rely heavily on money for entertainment and social gatherings. Nothing like revelous drunken discussion.

Quite impressive, hm? Let’s see you one-up this!

I work part time and am well paid yet happy with simple pleasures (rent, food), so I have lots of time and money, which I am using to study for a physics degree. I am quite proud that I have found a way to structure my life according to my desires.

There isn’t many actual philosophiers here on the forum, isn’t many anywhere in the world. But, there is a lot of people who place philosophy highly in their lives. These people could be the the hats behind the tills in KFC. (Very nice chiken, well done Yankees!)

Not researching in an university or a college, instead, chatting in a forum on the net? For the passion of your life? I asked my self why once, quite easily, I got an answer: we are all… Forget it, let the Greek take care of this for me:

[size=150]Men are social animals.[/size]

I study…that’s it…

That’s it?

I study finance… :astonished:

Well I’m majoring in philosophy…but that’s pretty much it…

How come people are straying away from this potentially revealing question? Are they worried that their actual life lived may present a hypocritical side to their posts? Or what?

Iroel, have you chosen any minors to go along with your proposed Philosophy major?

I’m curious, because I am geared for a Philosophy major, but am still unsure as to what I should choose for a minor, or maybe a double major.

I was thinking about psychology because I yearn to be some type of philosophical counsellor. What about you?

Well we don’t have a minor here in italy…

Yet you have enough freedom to get some sort of direction…

Like for examples my interests mostly dwell around logic, philosophy of mathematics, epistemology and contemporary philosophy