Emptying the town.... comments?

The world is a dehydrated desert.
Mobile sands blanket the surface,
thirsting for the stolen moisture,
covering the trails left by heavy iron chains.
Blistered, open wounded feet struggle along,
as chains chafe ankles with skin piercing grinds.
The hot blazing sun is creeping closer,
and the scorching rays make this world a living hell.
The chains get heavier as bodies hit the ground,
the domino effect commences.
Then the sun is suddenly blocked out,
lungs fill with a life-numbing gust of ice,
metal machinery reflects the darkened fear.
The robots have arrived.
Some humans fall in terror, others in death
as giant whips knock them down
like pins in a bowling alley.
The air is scarce, we clutch to life,
Choking, clawing at an empty space.
But the sand is slipping, the earth is shattering,
everything is turning to dust.
The robots fly away laughing
as everything shuts down.
Life has ended, our time here is done,
the world is dead.