energy loss

if photons radiate out from the source at the speed of light, why wouldn’t we be loseing photons to deep space.

When matter exploded causing motion,… this energy created centrifugal/centripical force, witch balances out entire galaxies in sync with each other. If the universe was created then this energy could have a different cause, and thus a completely different form of energy to reflect through atoms. But it is probably just a stored energy that can be released. But the lack of resistance says??? In fact if black holes really do stop feeding, then it seems to be a form of perpetual motion. Maybe if the harder you fight centifical force, the harder centrifugal force will compensate. Or maybe it’s evened out through the entire galaxy. Or maybe it’s balanced between having more centripital ofrce will cause less centrifugal force. What ever it is, physical state of matter (liquid solid gas) either changes how this energy is reflected, or it it has effect at all.

So… Whitch possiabilities are provable?

Matter doesn’t explode to cause motion. There is no such thing as centrifugal force. Centrifugal is a motion, not a force.

The Universe was not created. Perpetualty is infinite and infitesimal. We are in between.

Hi 27of79, This is the only thing I can affirm, it relates to what you said in the philosophy forum about infinite potential. You suggested that because there is nothing but tension of opposites, the increase of substance is possible by increasing tension, or alowing the tension to increase.
I’ve checked with my dad who knows stuff, he affirmed that in vacuum under certains ubstances matter just comes into being out of seemingly nothing. This sort of process is I guess why they have to come up with concepts like dark matter. Other than that, they only know of dark matter because of the centrifucal force not adding up.
Don’t know what to make of this, escept affirm the philosophical (=useless) concept of a ‘will to tension’ to explain the dynamics.
Another thing; I used to figure that the speed of light is the physical bounary of he universe because of the question you asked.

We do. The Sun and the Universe bombard the Earth with photons, and the Earth radiates photons into space.

This becomes a balancing act, giving us a relatively steady surface temperature. But if we put a blanket over the atmosphere with a layer of industrial gases, then this balance will swing up towards global warming.

So you mean that at the edge of the universe,… the stars emiting photons beyond the universe are allowing matter to slowly lose energy? So the big bang would mean that all the photons lost to beyond the edge of the universe are never going to be put back into the big colapse. Even worse yet, the universe is finate, and we are losing everything we need to sustain life.

Photons do not completely leave the fourth dimension, they rotate out partially. They are then ‘attacked’ by electrons, giving the electron it’s wave properties. The photon is manifestation of motion in the non-spatial and the ‘connection’ of the spatial and non-spatial.

so the stars at the edge of the universe have electrons beyond that?

Is this proven, or just a theory?

How can you protect a theory with a theory? It has no foundation for reason.

Objects in motion exert force.

Not true. They do not exert force they exert motion, what they are in.

a spinning object wants to throw matter from the core. The resistance creates a perpendicular force. This perpendicular force can be tapped into. IE… A rope swing twisted till it knots. Sit on it spread wide. You’ll spin according to gravity. Curl your body inward toward the spin. You’ll spin faster then the loss of air resistance can explain. When I did this, it seemed that my muscular action was reinforced. I assume it was because I tapped into the invisiable perpendular inward pull. Because mass wants to be thrown from the core at an angle, the invisible perpendicular pull would actually be at an angle toward the core.

Entire galaxies get in tune to centrifugal force. This causes them to become flat spirals after a while. Then the black hole in the center will stop feeding because it doesn’t have enough mass to reach more. Thus perpetual motion seems to be born.

perpendicular resistance absorbs energy into the resisting force. It’s a residual or osulating effect according to neutrinos. This is a mathmatically measurable force that is according to the point of resistance. But as for the force that is being resisted,… it’s true identity is probably a sum of all possiable resistances. IE electromagnatism is neither electro or magnatic. But a sum of both plus what ever else you can create with electrons… IE spread evenly among attractions.

Combine attract, repell, spread evenly, and neutrinos… then you get nothing. Therfore everything comes from nothing. The question of anti matter can either play into this or not exsist. Anti matter could be a negative residual effect on neutrinos.

Could you explain this in more detail?

every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Electrons want to spread evenly according to the medium. The medium being protons and neutrons. Depending on which their is more of vs atomic mass dictates gas vs solid??? Yet I sugjest the most basic force is attract vs repell in protons vs neutrons. Thus opposites attract. The third opposite would be electrons. Thus they are attracted to atoms but do thier nature of spreading evenly.

So when protons and neutrons resist the flow of electrons wanting to spread evenly, they create two perpendicular resistances that break up electrons according to the medium. Thus they are mathmatically altered according to the division line that breaks them up. Since they are forces that are represented by numbers, they aren’t creating a lesser form of energy, but an equal ammount of energy divided by an abstract energy,… thus the new energy is abstract.

Centrifugal force and centripital force show us that energy gets in sinc with each other. Thus all galaxies become flat according to the black hole in the center. It’s shown that this black hole will stop feeding because it doesn’t have enough mass to reach the rest of the galaxy. Yet this sincronizing of energies… Positive and negative charges are relative to the bigger charge. Electrons want to become neutral charge. Neutral charge is no effect. So creating a negative charge is just becomming lower then neutral. Yet maybe you could just as well create the void of a charge by takeing away from a force.

Many problems here but let’s start with Centrifugal force. Centifugal is a motion, not a force. Force’s have no spatial motion of their own, the object that is reacting to compression may move in a centrifugal motion but the force does not. Force is not spatial. Motion is.

then how can you tap into it?

A rope swing. twist it till it knots. Get on. lay out flat. you’ll spin according to weight, vs air resistance.

Curl your body inward toward dirrection of spin. You’ll feel your muscles being reinforced but not strengthened. You’ll spin faster then the loss of air resistance can explain.

every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Resisting the throwing force creates a new force that can be tapped into.

You’re talking about physical postures and the results of positions.
Structure governs function.

I’m talking about the force itself, or the energy that manifests itself in physicality.
It all starts at the quantum level. Many people think there is a force that pulls, like a magnet. Nothing pulls, that would require 3 motions- reach, grab, pull. That is not a force.

The non-spatial photon causes force on a charged particle when it is absorbed by it. The electron emits the photon and then recoils, colliding with another electron. Things ‘repulse’ causing motion, all from the non-spatial dimension. It’s recoil and momentum with a corresponding uncertainty in positions.

The speed of this motion then determines the dimension and capabilities of what is in motion.

We see things that seem to ‘attract’ or pull but this is only the singles being pushed by the pairs. Electrons and positrons pair up, forcing other singles around until they pair up. The singles are not attracted to eachother, they do not go together willingly.

Photons are ‘made’ by the pairing and annihilation of positrons and electrons.

not really, jrn… it takes force to create a circular movement, because any given object resists a change in it’s normal motion (which is straight on)
So, the force that the object seems to exert when you keep it in a circular motion is actually the force you yourself are exerting to make it move that way. :slight_smile:

Newtons second law of motion says that for the same force , the product of mass and acceleration is the same. So if the mass is smaller the acceleration must be more. So, your body moving inwards towards the centre of rotation is moving towards the lowest pressure, lowest density portion of the mass in the centripetal force field. For instance: if you place a spirit level on a the tunrtable pointing away from the centre like a bicycle wheel spoke, and rotate, the bubble quickly moves inwards. The more massive spirit has pushed the lighter bubble there.

cause and effect?..

perpendicular resistance changes forces by absorbing it. An outward spiral’s perpendicular resistance would be an inward spiral.