English Essay

[what do you believe are the essential qualities of an effective leader?]

English Essay Four
A Leader ‘til the End
By Aaron K. Chaboki

“The Alpha and Omega.” There’s this everlasting necessity of superiority in society. The drive of one to carry many to proclaimed victory. These examples are of the very essence of leadership. Society today has a narcissistic notion of “survival of the fittest” and an optimistic view for “change.” An effective leader must have three crucial aspects, which are; recognition, ability, and stability.

“A leader of one is a leader of no one.” This quote is referring to recognition. If the supposed leader is not supported by his or her colleagues then a leader they are not. The inherent problem with this is that a leader must first have people to lead. If his or her colleagues are not subjecting and obligating themselves to the task at hand it is because the leader is doing something shoddy or just plain wrong. This leads to the other aspect of a leader’s recognition. An ineffective leader lacks the fundamental comprehension to recognize his or her faults. This makes the leader prone to mistakes and to repeat them. An effective leader needs recognition of not only his or her peers but also themselves. It is the first crucial aspect of leadership.

“Ought implies can.” An effective leader is one with many if not most of the responsibilities. In order to obligate someone is to expect positive results. This implies the ability to fulfill the task at hand. How can one complete the task at hand with one hand? Metaphoric puns aside it is utterly unethical to obligate someone lacking necessary resources. For example blind people do not have the responsibility to watch where they are going because obviously they lack the physical resources to see, nor does a psychopath have the responsibility to operate under ethical standards, because obliviously they lack the mental resources to function normally in society.

“Standing for one’s beliefs needs many believing to stand on.” The first quote of aspects correlates to drive whereas this quote refers to stability. The Catholic Church or the “Church” for example is the most popular leader of belief in today’s society. In order for the church to stand as the one true leader of beliefs it needs to be sound with the desire and beliefs of its subjects. Any random sway of popular belief away from the church can cause major loss of stability, which in effect cause inevitable end or reform.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” These three aspects of effective leadership are necessary in order to achieve the one aspect of the most effective leader, and that is victory. The ultimate goal of any leader is having victory hanging under his belt and shining glory with his or her subjects. In the end a leader must handle “crunch-time.” Striving to the end, and never missing the last bite.

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Catholicism was started by Jesus. That was more than 2000 years ago…are you saying the church conforms to the people rather than the people conform to the church?