Equalism = feminism = masculinism

Feminists have a tendency to say that feminsim = equalism, that they fight for equal rights for men and women (despite numerous radical feminists proving us otherwise), so if feminism = equalism then masculinism = equalism too, since it would be SEXIST to say that FEMINISM is about equality but MASCULINISM is about male dominance, right?

Glad that we got that straightened out, so now just one question remains. If equalism, feminism and masculinism all denote equality, how do we call the ideologies that advocate the superiority of one gender over the other?


There is no equality with support/power to one group over the other. If they really stood for equality they would not need to hide behind the mask of a new name of it, when equality is already there for itself.

All I see are humans over complicating another thing that doesn’t need to be complicated. People always want power.

Correct me if I understood you wrong, but are you saying it’s impossible for humans to want true equality and that those who claim to are dishonest?

Exactly my point. If you advocate equality, name it equalism and not fucking “feminism” or “masculinism”. Why the fuck would an idea that humans regardless of gender should have EQUAL rights be named after one specific gender?

male/female supremacists?

I think in feminism, or in masculinism, you’ll find a fair share of adherents who lean more on the side of the supremacist type, but those who actually believe in equality will also be there in no small number. However, I predict (and this is purely opinion) that those who prefer to call themselves “equalists”, or as I prefer “egalitarians”, would host far more adherents truly believing in equality. I don’t see how a supremacist (whether openly or a closet case) would ever prefer to call themselves an egalitarian.

You asked this question:
“If equalism, feminism and masculinism all denote equality, how do we call the ideologies that advocate the superiority of one gender over the other?”
As feminism and masculinism pretend to want equality, we can call them dishonestisms. If a group is for superiority of their gender or type, at least they are honest. An honestism can be handled easier and safer then ones that have false fronts. Its like facing an enemy knowing that you are enemies, vs. , a friend that is really an enemy. Honesty can be respected.

That’s what I brought up in the beauty thread, I have reached that conclusion a while ago. Equality already has a name for itself… Yet these fools take it and use other names them use the mask of equality to gain more power from the people… It’s a play off of peoples emotions/ignorance to gain power. That’s what it always is, isn’t it?

Good idea to make a thread about it, because I am wondering the same thing you are. What’s the point of it. I do think power is the point though… I mean who would want to support a power monger, that’s why they mask it with “equality”. Even though it’s impossible to be equality because it’s a one group gaining traction over other groups.

It’s just manipulation. There is always a second agenda it seems… Kind of like how Hitler gave speeches about German equality and being treated unfairly, then exterminates a mass of jewish, blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, etc.

They have to trick people into giving them power, before they can make power plays.

Sure, but, look at the groups throughout the world that honestly declare intentions. KKK for instance, scum for sure, most hid behind hoods and so were worst of the worst but, there was an honesty that you could know and defend against. It is a bit respectable. Manipulators do not deserve any respect.

You live in the land of lies.
Why are you asking questions?

I’d rather say manipulators are more respectable, manipulating demands intellectual superiority and effort at least, unlike actions of KKK.

How do you know where I live? Oddly enough, YOU are right, for once :-s

Unless you’re being metaphorical :smiley:

Why are you asking me why I’m asking questions?

Equalism = feminism = masculinism

One more similar equation

Grouch marx - (Moustache + eyebrow) = Spectacle over PENUS !!!

gROUCH marx who ? - i learnt this from magsj cartoon pic!!

If testicle becomes spectacle , and pubic hair becomes beard, eyebrow and mustache, can he be still referred to as intellect?

Yes, intellect gets respect but, that is not what I was pointing out to Art.
Its a simple respect of honesty over lies. Would you prefer your enemy to pretend to be a friend then stab your defenseless back or stand face to face with an honest enemy that you get a chance to defend yourself from?

And you think KKK were “honest”? Come on, YOU are the one who pointed out they wore masks to hide their faces… they didn’t lead an oper war against blacks, they cowardly attacked in groups single families and people. There is no semblance of honor, honesty or anything worth respect in their actions.

Did the KKK pretend to be friendly and pretend to want equality for all? Or did they promote the Christian Caucasian male?

Most people will say anything they want behind a mask, take the mask away and they wont say a word due to cowardice.

Stubborn? ??? :slight_smile:

I did not say individuals, I said the klan.

Feminism idealises equality. They attempt to do this by eradicating masculinity.

Do you really think modern feminists idealize equality? :neutral_face:

That’s not really equality.