Not exactly. I am a programmer, so my equations effect the virtual. Therefore they are absolute truths, because they are 100 percent empirical, true, reproducable, accurate, and verifiable. At any time I can press a button and the result will appear on my screen. It is simple, there is no middle man, I don’t have to buy a telescope and watch it for months to conclude whether or not my equations are true.

Einsteins equations are guesswork, half-truths, essentially he is a blind bat trying to map a universe he doesn’t understand, every now and then his equations roughly fit the picture, and he is hailed “genius”! Even though he doesn’t have a clue that aether/affectance is the reason, not spacetime delusions.

I will try the ginko balboa, if it will give me interesting dreams. Will it give me interesting dreams? Currently I sleep on a floor mat on my right side, with my left side in the air. Occassionally I roll putting my left side down, but I like to sleep on my right side, it just feels good to on my consciousness. Probably the reason more blood flows to that side.

I am not an expert in medicine but I think that you should not use asprin and Ginko Balboa at the same time. As both of those are blood thinners, thus you should use only one at a time.

Sleeping on the left side will certainly help. Secondly, it is good that you use to sleep on the floor. Keep doing it.

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I thought sleeping on the floor was bad cuz I have back problems.

Ok, so you can create equations and get the results you want.

It sounds like what most posters in this thread are saying is true. You seem to be more right-brain dominant (creative) than left-brain (rules). This doesn’t mean your left-brain is less intelligent or efficient or functional, it means it’s not as dominant. But the left and right brains do work together. If you’re a programmer, this should be obvious to you. You create the equations that you want, which is your right brain calling the shots, but it recruits the help of your left brain to figure out the logic of the equations and the algorithms. Your left brain may be just as smart or even smarter at doing this than your right brain is at being creative, but it’s not calling the shots, it’s taking orders.

In order to discipline your mind such that you can grasp what other people’s equations mean, you will have to suppress the temptation to be creative in your interpretations and just patiently listen to what other people are trying to explain to you. This requires left brain thinking. The left brain is involved in language–both listening and speaking–and you will have to allow your listening brain (Wernicke’s area) to dominate for a bit (this is just another way of talking about self-discipline, which gets easier with practice).

And it’s perfectly normal to be overwhelmed by complex equations at first–no one gets new concepts right away when they are complex–so don’t expect to get it right away. It’s just a matter of patience and self-discipline. Also, keep in mind that sometimes the problem is with the speaker; sometimes they don’t supply enough information for you to get it.

Well again, I am not a medical expert. But, as far as I know, sleeping on the hard bed helps back patients. Having said that, if you have some back problems, I think that it would be wise to consult a doctor before using hard surfaces for sleeping.

But, you can start sleeping on your left side for sure. That would not cause any problem whatsoever.

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Whatever you said is absolutely true but what is the solution of the problem? How one is supposed to overcome this habit?

I do not think that merely suggesting " listen to others " would help much. Most of the patients would be aware of that already but they cannot implement it.

Over the time, mind becomes hardwired to function in a particular way and refuses to adapt any change. How is that supposed to be altered?

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Not sure if I have any choice, as I don’t have access to a bed.

Or sometimes simultaneously too much and too little information, leading to frustration, as is the case with many wikipedia articles.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that. It’s true that the rigidity of neural wiring becomes stronger the older we get, but it’s never black and white. Otherwise, we would never be able to learn anything new once we become adults.

You should look up experiments on the visual cortex. The visual cortex is thought to be one of the most rigid centers in the brain in terms of changing the neural wiring. The wiring becomes set in stone so to speak at a very early age. But experiments show that if you get people to wear special visors that flip the world around 180 degrees, it only takes the visual cortex an average of 6 minutes to adjust to it. People end up being able to ski down a mountain without any problems while wearing the visors.

I really think it’s a matter of self-discipline. Exercising one’s ability to do things that don’t at first come natural, or that are outside one’s comfort zone, usually become easier with time, and this is a result of our neural wiring adjusting to our new practices.

I sense that from you–frustration with not getting concept immediately–which is not an uncommon trait with ADD. Again, self-discipline is where it’s at (if you don’t want drug therapy, that is).

On wikipedia that don’t make it easy. On other math, science, philosophy and engineering sites, it seems much easier to grasp the same concepts. Wikipedia seems like it was written by an AI half the time.

That used to be the other way around. Wiki adopted only cryptic “professional” language a few years ago, making it a bit useless at times.

it makes sense to me that the brain would want to cross-reference information, where the left brain controls the right body the info streams would be contrasting with the right brain and left body.

As to the op, it is as I see it a matter of information backgrounds. You don’t have the info background of other peoples formulas, perhaps because you are not working in those fields. There is also a lack of a universal language of symbols which really doesn’t help the situation. One scientist will be using the same letter for a different subject to another scientist or mathematician, which leads to the whole thing being a confused mass of specialist fields. However, an adept in physics will be able to read most formulas.

No they don’t. Wiki articles don’t start you from the beginning. They assume you have enough background knowledge to understand the concepts that they start with.

If you really want to start from the beginning, go to your local university and by the text book for whatever 101 course you’re interested in. They assume a high school level of understanding to start.

Already got 8 science books collecting dust as is.

Id rather spend my energies on creative pursuits than deciphering wikipedia’s lexicon.The internet provides me with numerous sites that are much more informative than wikipedia.

Reading Wiki is like reading a doctor’s prescription. If you already know what it probably says, you can verify that it said what you already suspected. Wiki has become merely another means to reassure exclusivity (exactly like doctors and upcoming physicists/mathematicians).
– one of those Socialist things.

Ok… well… read them.

Sooo… you’ve solved your problem then?

It is true that it cannot be in pure black or white but that does not mean that the hardwiring is not there. Hardwiring is slightly different issue. The reason of not going pure black or white is that extremes ( totally pure forms) neither exist nor even possible in manifestations of the existence.

The very fundamental of the existence is intrusion itself, interacting one thing with other. You cannot clap with one hand. Means, if you want to produce a sound or any wave, you have to use two ingredients at least at the root level. Absolute uniformity would become stagnant/unchanging by default. The same goes for existence also. The very cause of the existence is the process of change, and to get it going, you need at least two basic but different entities. They need not to be opposite or equal in strength, but have to be different in one way or other.

The actual problem is not that we do not have pure black or white brain hardwiring. The problem is that in some cases this ratio of the mix is not perfect, or becomes imperfect. The actual issue is how to set it right again.

It has nothing much to do with visual cortex or any particular part of the brain. This issue goes much deeper, right to how all this existence was created/evolved.

It is not possible for me to cover all that in one post. I will try to explain all that in a separate thread, whenever i get enough time.

with love,

What is the sound of one hand clapping” meant that if you want to be a god, you must be both good AND evil, “rightly handed” and “leftly handed”, both noble and sinister so that you can capture the prey, the population, between your hands with no escape.

Secondly, it is true that wikipedia is not perfect and expects incoming reader knowledgeable to some extent with the subject, yet it is perhaps the best thing that modern technology (internet) has created ever.

Its founders and running team certainly deserve a lot of appreciation, at least intent wise.

with love,

Careful. The Nazi war machine was once the greatest thing of “modern” technology. Everything granted to you can be used against you.