Equilibrium of Emotions

I have yet to find out whether this is a current theory or not, but i’ll do my best to describe it and if anyone has ever heard of the same basic concept, please fill me in.

Basically the idea behind this is that Happiness and Sadness are directly proportional for all human beings. Too put it in mathamaticaly terms:

Happiness / Sadness = Constant.

The idea here is that the more happiness an individual experiances, the more sadness that individual will necessarily experiance. If you havn’t guessed it yet, this theory is based on perspective.

The theory came out of a very simple and fairly immature observation: I noticed some years ago that celebreties seem to always be complaining about their life. How could this be? THey have it all. Money, looks (for the most part), good personalities etc. etc. And yet… night after night we are subject to their tradgic stories of helplessness and depression.

I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into words, so if anyone thinks they get what i’m saying, please jump in.

Thoughts? Thanks.


I like the fact that you expressed the idea in an equation, so let’s go maths:

What’s the unit of happiness?
What’s the unit of sadness?
Are the two units identical or can be converted identical?
What is your methodology for testing this proportionality?

I don’t think i know enough about physchology to answer this question :frowning:

For testing it, i don’t really have any tests, simply real life examples that i see over and over and over.

Right now i’m working on whether people are naturally inclined to have a Constant Sadness or Constant Happiness OR are they identitical. Currently im leaning to the view that Sadness is more prevelent then happiness in our lives.

What is the methodology/detail of your current working?

Simple observation. I suppose i could create some controlled experiments if i felt like it, buts its such a complicated thing to test for… so many variables etc. I really wouldn’t know where to begin.