Erdogan Preparing War Against the US

We have (US Government) a lot of special forces operatives heavily embedded with the YPG, I’m certain they are not a terrorist organization.

Erdogan is stepping into a war footing against the US Government. We removed our military families in Turkey prior to Erdogan’s supposed coup, and Erdogan is acting suddenly like he gives a damn about the Kurds by reacting to a recent large scale bombing in Turkey- against a Kurdish Wedding… by bombing Kurds in Syria, because you know, Kurds bomb Kurds, it is their favorite damn thing in the world to do.

It is obvious what needs to be done at this point, I just have my doubts if Obama has the spine to do it. Erdogan removed any force in Turkey friendly to us who could stop Erdogan from unraveling Turkey any further. A lot of stupid procrastination and hoping is being expended to salvage a relation that has long ago died. It is time to face this new reality. Very simply, very ancient solution. Perhaps the oldest.

Erdogan’s forces advance into Syria

They are heavy on armor, while the turkoman militias (not “Turkey”, but a local ethnic group) appear so far to be light infantry.

Kerry is in Turkey, haven’t head of any US casualties yet. Turkey has declared war on our main allies in the Syria fight. We have a lot of troops on the ground. Turkey has recently purged the bulk of it’s experienced military officers in rank during Erdogans fake coup, so the Turkish military isn’t going to be as responsive as it once was to contingency adjustments. It will take time for the military establishment to learn to get along, and they closed down many Turkish military academies, so new quality officers will be in short supply here soon…

This means stagnation in promotions, relying less on officers trained in military academies and more promoted from non-officer ranks into occifer positions, as well as calling back troops.

I will be deeply surprised if Turkey tried any large push into Aleppo… it’s military has been significantly dumbed down, even if troop training and equipment is NATO Grade, I got my doubts they could hold a wide front for long. Erdogan’s purges parallels Stalin’s purges of the Red Army just prior to WW2. There is a high probability in my opinion Erdogan could flip alliances for a while to Russia and pull out of NATO, but equally doubt this will last long. It doesn’t quite get the quagmire it is getting involved in will lead not to to Syria, but Georgia and Armeni soon enough.

Another country pivoting towards Russia…

Isn’t Satyr Turkish? Shouldn’t he have the final say?

He is descended most likely from the Turks who remained in Greece after Turkish independence. They think highly of Lord Byron (instumental in the independence movement) so support a higher number of Nietzscheans, he isn’t as respected in philology though. Plus, they are all strongly Christian, so it is a love hate relationship… which honestly is better for a philosopher as it generates better criticism, than stupid love as our suicides do in wholeheartedly embracing him or in our philosophers in rejecting him. If I could , I would make the default for every philosopher a love-hate relationship. No cult should be allowed to form around us, the onus must always he on the receiver to decide and choose.

Yeah… we’ve more or less lost NATO if Turkey kills any US forces. If they don’t, the Kurds will suspect we knew where Turkey was launching strikes, and that we have duplicity. Erdogan knows this… he started his move back towards Russia and Israel long before this, but Israel is now freaking out Russia is building up Airforce Bases in Iran and Syria… so the balance of power is so warped nobody can come out on top. Russia has the weakest hand, US second weakest. If Erdogan can launch enough terror attacks within Turkey and blame it on the Kurds, and shell and attack enough Kurdish positions in Syria and Iraq, he will have a guaranteed majority, as he can pull any Kurdish party current or future from Parliament, claiming they are terrorist organizations.

He aims to be Sultan. I strongly recommend the CIA, just finish this. Turkey has a lot more to loose with Russia than the US and will be completely isolated after. Last time it was in this position it tried building a Central Asian Empire- Turks don’t respond well to military uncertainty, they want a strong position, and will start lashing out till they have it. They are a very insecure people as far as security and sovereignty goes, and don’t tolerate dissent from seeking it. You have no clue what a wild card having Turkey going wild will be. And it is all because one stupid Nietzschean strong man. Just bump Jim off, Turkey may still revolt if they find out (most likely will even if we don’t) or find suddenly no reason for all this chaos and hysteria. It only exists so Erdogan can remain in power.

Erdogan attacked main opposition leader’s motorcade … sCatID=341

Kurds don’t attack Kurds.

No, he’s half Greek and half Turk thereby not counting as a real ethnicity.