Escape From Totalitarian Enforced Ideals

Let us say a world governemnt formed, maybe it works for a while, and after a while it forms into a totalitarian form one that goes unescaped for maybe 2,000 years due to, say. extreme technological advancement in regards to capacity to monitor and militantly control the populace…

And then lets say that this totalitarian state enforce the ideal on everyone…everyone, that a person must think pedophilia is ok. (including suppression of religious ideals that suggested otherwise)
after the 2,000 years the totalitarian state falls for one reason or another… lets say it runs out of oil or something…
how long would the idea that pedophilia was ok survive? would it become socially accepted for the rest of time?

Now take the same example but instead of pedophilia what if everyone was forced to be charitable, and was not aloud to have more money then they needed to be reasonably content/happy and survive.
How long would that last after the fall of the totalitarian regime?

Now take the same example and say it was forced that people love everybody, (I.e. be nice and act at least as if that was the case)
Eventually acting as if would get in your head, “your face gets stuck that way” “act that way long enough and you become it”…
how long after would we continue to be love-like or would we become more a loving people?

Would any of this be good?