Essay help

This is more a plea for help than a discussion of philosophy but it covers philosophy so … go. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated… unless it’s from whitelotus.

I know this has been done already but I’m doing it again anyway because I have a paper to write and I get discouraged and confused easily by broad topics such as this. Why did I pick this topic you may ask… but I’ll respond with shut up.

First I’d like to breifly define it a little better. It’s not a science it deals with the unexplainable? That doesn’t really sit well with me because for example determinism is part of philosophy and that to me is practically science.

I liked this one from webster.

2 a : pursuit of wisdom b : a search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than observational means c : an analysis of the grounds of and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs

but then I’d need examples and I can only think of a few. There’s too many and my mind goes blank with this stuff. So help would be lovely.

Second I’d like to know why it matters to you and why you think it’s important to others. I need examples so I can gain confidence in my own examples otherwise I’m a mess.

Really more than help I just need someone to tell me my paper is good makes sense and will work but I can’t write it without support.

I feel bad in saying this, but we technically cannot help people out with their “homework”. It’s listed explicitly in the Rules (located in the Announcements section).

:frowning: :wink:

hahahah what a joke. Rules are ridiculous. Especially these types and especially on message boards. I mean if you’ve got a problem with kids asking for help on homework it only makes sense to make everyone else think the same way. Some online community this rule builds.

Anyway I’ve got a loophole! My essay isn’t due tomorrow so yea… DO MY HOMEWORK. Because that’s exactly what I was asking. You write it and I’ll copy it.

No matter though. With the frequency and context of these types of posts I wasn’t really expecting much anyway so I’ll just use my back up plan.

Only because I knew it would get atleast one sucker to respond.

I agree definitions are crap in some context but they help when limiting an essay to a specific topic. Definitions are basically a summary so it’s something to work off of. Plus you can’t say it doesn’t help when trying to find a common ground for discussion. If you don’t care that you’re not understanding what people are saying while having conversations than I’d find that kinda funny.

I needed examples because I have nothing specific to represent why I think it’s beneficial to study philosophy. I know it’s had an impact on my life and I can point out what things I’ve changed since I took an interest in it but it’s more a cumulation of a bunch of little things a mind set that can’t be explain than a specific event. I was curious to see if others could present something more.

I would agree except for the fact that humans are subject to human things. The reality science presents for humans is hard to digest. Philosophy is humanities struggle to cope with these realities.

My very favorite definition of Philosophy would be…

2 a : a person whose philosophical perspective makes meeting trouble with equanimity easier

That would explain why I find it valuable but again no reasons. This could easily be considered pride though so I didn’t bother bringing into this topic. So whatev. Rip this apart. I’m interested to see where I’m wrong.

That’s what it’s all about! Yep, putting precepts into practise, living your philosophy.

So when someones speaking a totally alien language to you you’re fine with the difficulty of communicating?

Well that could be debated simply by questioning whether or not anything is beneficial. I don’t care really what you think is beneficial though because I am not you. Nor will I ever be. So trying to convince me to be someone else would be rather difficult pointless and not beneficial at all but you don’t seem to care. So why should I care?

In certain subjects yea that’s true. Coming to terms with the fact that specific things are uselss wouldn’t be escaping though.

No not really everything. I enjoy a level of difficulty. Specific things that are too hard or that I don’t find interesting would be better made easier but the rest is meh. I’m content with my abilities. Balance not so much because I could care less about what balance really is. It has no real hold in my life.