Ethics of killing an Individual (Animal) caring for its Life

“Is the Act, of volontarily killing an individual (ie human or animal) caring for its Life, Moral?”

This is a question which I’m trying to resolve since a while now but I don’t seem to know how to tackle it.

I guess anyone would agree that this act is immoral when dealing with individuals like Humans, but I’m thinking here more about animals having a level of complexity which enables them to fight for their Life as Humans would.

By the way, I know this might seem shocking but even though you couldn’t find more pacifist than myself, can you find any good answer to this question when dealing with Humans? Probably you can.

If you have any ideas or any suggestions please do leave a comment, :slight_smile:


Sorry to be redudant with this book but it can help.

Pratical Ethics by Peter Singer