Even here, we have falling for it.

I have been a bit confused of late because of all the posting about god and religions.
I have been thinking about it for a while, trying to make sense of it. It is a good thing, a bad
thing, an average thing and most importantly, why, why this focus on god and religion of late?

I finally think? I have it figured out. We have fallen into the trap americans have fallen into,
which is, we have forsaken philosophy for religion. Americans have for the most part abandon
actual thinking and philosophy for the comfort and safety of god and religion. We have fallen
into the trap of thinking the solution is religious and when the answer is really something else.
Religion is what got us into our current dismal state and is not the answer. I point out when
the this same thing happened and it was the Roman empire after 200 AD. People took the easy
way out when society began to have issues. Instead of fighting back or look outward, people tried
to escape inward and go into seclusion. They tried to find someplace to hide instead of challenging
what the supposed problems were and we see this today. When someone says, don’t vote because
it doesn’t matter because both parties are…corrupt or the same, or fixed or answerable to money.
that is giving up, that is hiding and escaping into a fantasy like religion. When someone says, a pox
on both their houses, they have given up, they have checked out and are looking for a landing place
to hide out. they have given up hope. I believe in philosophy and I haven’t given up like many others here,
no names, it is obvious who has given up already. Anyone who has endorsed religion as the solution
has given up. They are escaping from life and have gone inwards, rejected life and society.
America is falling just like Rome and the response has been the same, hide, follow religion,
don’t get involved, a pox on both houses. America can be saved but only if you don’t hide or
give up. become involved and be a part of it or we shall be a second Rome doomed to fall.


Aren’t you being melodramatic, K? Just because all your arguments and un-beliefs have collapsed into dust, doesn’t mean you should mope.

It means that you should kneel before god, pray, and submit your will to the highest power.

There’s nothing wrong with hope and faith, is there??? How long will you continue to live with fear and doubt???

And I rest my case. Its rare when a posting is supported by the very next post.
Thank you for proving my case.