Eventually There Is No Future.

Eventually there is no future. Man’s existence like any creature lies in extinction.

Against such a inevitability what is progress of any kind but a self fulfilling delusion.


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_of_ … g_universe




That’s alot of speculation. I could equally speculate that time is infinite, and then I could equally say that there is a future. It’d be a stalemate.

Do you believe in this principle?:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_law … modynamics

If you do there is no speculation at all.

Time is only measured by human beings. Time is a construct. Beyond human beings time is irrelevant.

When I said eventually there is no future I meant for the human species. Even if existence is infinite mankind isn’t.

Extinction for our species like every other is inevitable. It’s not a question of if but when.

Beyond the inevitable coming of cosmic or cosmological entropy we also have these extinction scenarios:

discovermagazine.com/2008/nov/28 … d-will-end

mechanicalengineering.tv/vie … -its-axis/

telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne … eroid.html

Law of thermodynamics? That link says “entropy of an isolated system”. Are you speculating that the universe is an isolated system?

I am. Universe logically could not expand at accelerating rate unless it were isolated.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_law … modynamics


Humans are going to be extinct?

No shit.

Hope is so religious.
Religion mainly gives people hope. Religion says that God will punish evil doers and help nice people, but usually after we die, like in the old egyptian idea of divine justice after death. It’s a contagious and futile idea but it reached our monotheism, too. So it’s basically a global idea.

This is bullshit because we need changes now, not after we are already dead.

People, in general, are caught up in this idea of hope, aswel as other ideas of hope, instead of thinking that humanity is going to go extinct/fuck up forever. Because they don’t think we’re fucked, they wont try to unfuck humanity.

I could go into many finer details but that’s the basic shit.
The universe burning out isn’t even our main problem.
Our problem is that things which “Feel right” can blot out our suffering up to the point in which social painkillers are our only mindset. There’s no true problem solving happening here, at all.

I have to agree, Dan~. I am making no plans for the End of the Universe. I don’t know how, and besides, I gotta get some laundry done.

Indeed. Everything we strive for, is for no purpose at all beyond distraction of our inevitable end.

Every goal, ideal,hope, aspiration, and creation of ours is for nothing in that it will change nothing of our fate.

So when people talk about futurism I believe it is a oxymoron.

What sort of changes? Besides every attempt to change anything is a futile endeavor in the long run.

My whole entire point of this thread is that there are many things in the universe that never will be changed including our extinction. Some people just can’t accept that there isn’t a solution to everything.

Sometimes you just have to accept what is.

I’m not sure I understand your point. That the species will not last forever doesn’t mean that it is futile to strive for change that can occur before we are extinct.

Depends on your point of view. As for myself I see no point in doing anything.

Except posting nonsense here, evidently.

Your opinion Mr. self righteous.

You know if you think my position is so pathetic you could make a arguement for your belief against mine where we could discuss it instead of using childish diatribe.

That wouldn’t be too much for you, would it? If it is too much for you either reply or say nothing at all in acknowledgement.

I tried that. Your response was a bit of a conversation-stopper. I’m not going to try to talk you out of being a nihilist emo. If your position is that there’s no point in doing anything, and conversing on a message board is doing something - well, you do the math.

Nihilistic emo. How derogatory and inflamatory.

By such derogatory terms are you saying there is somthing “wrong” with how I view the world?

Got to love hypocrisy. Well if you want to run away in flight because beyond defamation you have nothing else to say then I bid you farewell.

I’m just here on the internet entertaining myself.

I’m having a pleasurable expirience conversing my views and listening to the views of others.

Isn’t this fun? :smiley:

I’m saying that, if you think all is futile, then you will have nothing interesting to say.

I am trying to point out a bit of a flaw in your position.

You either get it or you don’t. I guess.

That’s an assumption. That doesn’t really say anything at all.

Quite ineffectively. I’ve seen your other posts. Surely you have somthing else more indepth to say.

( I need depth.)

This isn’t a arguement.

Ohhhh. IF.

Yeah, there’s really no place to go with that one. You can’t make an ocean out of a puddle.