Everyone knows what is morally good or bad

My definition is not my opinion, as I further clarified.

Your definition is your opinion. If I don’t consent to you doing something and you do it anyway, that makes it wrong by my standard, not yours.

I’m talking about the difference between zero sum worlds (ours) and non zero sum worlds (good)

I assure you I don’t care.

He’s right, you don’t understand what he is saying and your counterarguments are not counterarguments to his position. He bears some responsibility for his communication in this confusion and also the idea he is putting forward is not a common one. That said, saying you don’t care in relation to something where you probably have some clues that you might have misunderstood him is impractical by my standards.

This, as it applies to Ecmandu’s fantasy arguments, is irrelevant.

In his mind, we all have secret special powers, to create our own Utopia universes, where nothing bad ever happens to us and there is no suffering of course. Of course, he never explains how what spells or sorceries we must learn to make this happen, only that it can be done.


I’ve seen more miracles of hell than you can imagine.

From this, I know what can be done.

And I know what needs to be done.

The thing about existence, it doesn’t tolerate lose scenarios for all beings …

zero sum realities force the hand of existence itself

Existence doesnt actually care about human beings and will eventually make the entire human race extinct which is the ultimate lose scenario for every one
No non zero sum reality can stop this from happening as existence will carry on regardless so it is basically just another version of Utopia [ Ecmandu version ]

Even if non zero sum reality is possible it will only be digital not biological which renders it useless
Because once biological beings become extinct then it does not actually matter what replaces them

You need to upload human consciousness into a non zero sum reality to make this existence better while there are still human beings
As there is absolutely no point to it otherwise because less we can actually experience it for ourselves it is a complete waste of time

In reality as opposed to Ecmandu Utopia there is only one non zero sum reality and it is death
Because death is the end of consciousness and free will which means an end to all conflict too

No conflict at all in death so if you want non zero sum reality that is where to go

Death is the answer Trixie that is the one and only way it can be done
By the way how is your version of Utopia coming along ? Any progress ?

Listen up you two : Utopias never ever work so stop dreaming about them because they are all doomed to failure
Think about death instead because not only is it real but it is also eternal so devote your energies to that instead

Death I Trixie 0

Death I Ecmandu 0

Death Death Death Death

Don’t know any Trixie’s. The name Trixie means a voyager through life, and/or she who gives happiness. I am but a soul tossed amongst the oceans of existence. If that is what you mean by Trixie, then yes I am a Trixie. The name they gave me is not Trixie though. Trixie is a name of no name. Like Light, or Truth, or Genius, or Jack of all Trades (Joker). It means the purest of essence, no ego attachment, no self, and/or as in multiple selves. But you are the one with delusions of utopia not me.

Look. Life is suffering. None of us asked to be here. And yet we have to toil the fields and endure this loveless shitshow.

Sure life has its good moments. But death is a blessing. But also an illusion. It cannot happen. There is no such thing as infinite unconsciousness or awareness of nothing. It is impossible.

People have irrational ego attachments. They think life is good because they have some kind of ego attachment to it.

Some say I am a nihilist but they look at me in a simplistic way. I already said death is impossible. Cannot happen. All that can happen is your body dies. But you will come back to life in some other way, some other body. So people should have a vested interest in making this world into a utopia instead of a shitshow like it is. It is people like you who are nihilists. Who believe that death is the end. You have some kind of utopia fantasy that you will never have to come back to this awful place.

Get this through your head. Death does not exist. It is not a thing. It cannot exist. It is impossible. It cannot exist because it is the opposite of existence.

All that can happen is your body dies. And possibly lose your memories. So its like losing your progress in a videogame and having to start a new game. Which is annoying. Especially if each generation is more miserable than the last, so your life progressively sucks worse every time. Which is objective. There are studies the prove people are getting more and more stressed and miserable every year. Contrary to the modern dogma that says life is getting better and better. It’s not. Even the liberals are saying this. Even liberals admit that Americans are getting more and more unhappy and mentally unwell. So anyone who still believes that dogma is even out of touch with the liberals.

So let me get this right : death does not exist but your body dies ? There is a name for this process it is DEATH
Your logic is seriously failing you here o wise one I thought that you were a genius with the worlds highest IQ

So have you managed to work out how to reverse the Second Law Of Thermodynamics and live forever yet ?
When you have will you remember to tell the worlds physicists so they can be certain you have cracked it ?

If continuity of consciousness ever ceases in the past, present or future, you will cease to exist right now.

This is to say, if someone travels back in time and stops you from being born, you couldn’t exist right now, obviously, you exist in the present. If your continuity of consciousness ever terminates in the future, oblivion, then your present moment never existed. Because your present moment exists, you will live forever. If the future ever blots out everything about you, a subset of that is you right now.

People get very cocky and arrogant about doing horrible thing because they think their life terminates into oblivion at some point. It doesn’t.

There is always a reckoning.

God doesn’t do this reckoning. It is logic, that which is higher than any god you can possibly imagine that does the reckoning.

If you, in your own reality forever, want to believe no utopias work, then you can conjure that and it will be your utopia.

I personally wouldn’t choose that one, but, who am I to judge you for that.

There was no consciousness until there was life and life has not always existed

The Buddha taught that meditating on that question will drive anyone insane, amongst other meditations.

He taught the parable of the arrow.

If you are shot by an arrow, don’t waste your time asking who shot it and why, if you do, you will die.

Simply tend to the wound and you will survive.

Never said I had the world’s highest IQ. My IQ is about the same as Einstein, his was not that high. It took him 10 years to make the theory of relativity. Slow and steady wins the race. The worlds highest IQ died at age 40, his IQ was 350 and his brain probably had a stroke from being overclocked. The current highest IQ is a female, Marilyn Vos Savant. She is a pathetic idiot who bans and censors anyone who is a true visionary. She has no place in philosophy, she’s a robot who should do things like mathematics and data analysis, nothing more.

Although I don’t go so far as to say you are as bad as Savant (who acts like an autistic savant), your mindset is annoyingly robotic. Ecmandu’s IQ is 250 and you see the kinds of stuff he posts. Still, not nearly as annoying as you or Savant.

If you can’t see how flawed your logic is I don’t want to waste my breath. If 90% of Asia can understand what I’m saying, but you can’t, maybe I just don’t want to waste anymore time trying to explain something obvious that you can’t seem to understand.

I’ve thought of that too, and it seems correct, but I don’t have any evidence. What is the evidence?